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If you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume you know who Lana Del Rey is. If not, do not fret because this countdown of Lana Del Rey’s top 10 songs will give you an all-encompassing taste of her discography.

Before I start, let us have a little history lesson. Elizabeth Wooldridge Grant, aka Lana Del Rey, is a Manhattan-born singer, producer and artist. She has released eight studio albums, four EPs and over thirty singles.

Lana has established herself as an Americana icon. Her music tackles many prominent subjects in American pop culture: like sexuality, money, drugs, toxic relationships and sin. Additionally, Lana is a model for the coquette aesthetic, which is featured heavily on social media.

So without further ado, here is a countdown of Lana Del Rey’s top 10 songs (in my opinion).

10. Summertime sadness

While this song might not be my personal favorite, it is arguably Lana’s best-known song. Released in 2012, the song reached #1 on several club and dance music charts in the United States. If you want that special feeling you can only get while dancing in a club with 100 other strangers, this song is for you.

9. young and beautiful

Sigh yet another of Lana’s most well-known songs. If you want to pretend you are in the The Great Gatsby, go ahead and put this song on repeat. Unlike “Summertime Sadness”, this song allows Lana’s vocal talents to shine.

8. You can be the boss

Oh girl, just listen to it.

7. National Anthem

If I had written this a year ago, “National Anthem” would be number one. While I still love this bop and listen to it anytime I need a confidence boost, I resonate more with her other work.

6. Dark Paradise

No song captures the essence of being in love with someone bad for you quite like “Dark Paradise.” And for that reason, it is number six.

5. Radio

This song may be number five, but honestly, this song is the perfect end of the summer anthem. So, do yourself a favor and add it to your playlist.

4. Happiness is a butterfly

“Happiness is a Butterfly” is pure art. This slow melody expresses the hardships of relationships in a way I cannot explain. If this song sounds familiar, it was popular on TikTok this summer.

3. Norman F*cking Rockwell

I know… another song about men being men. Please, just give it a listen though.

2. Brooklyn Baby

This is another one of Lana’s slower songs, but it hits every time. With lyrics about young love and indie angst, “Brooklyn Baby” is pure bliss.

1. Shades of Cool

“Shades of Cool” may not be well-known, but it is gorgeous. Listen to this five minutes and forty-one seconds of pure artistry, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Lana Del Rey’s discography is massive, and there is something for everyone. These ten songs are just a starting place when listening to Lana for the first time, but please feel free to put her on repeat and discover her music for yourself.

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