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The Color Run is Coming to Lawrence

Take a deep breath to let it sink in – yes, the Color Run really IS coming to Lawrence! The popular and very colorful 5k run is being hosted in Lawrence on October 6, 2012 at 4 PM. The run itself focuses less on racing and more on having a great time! Unlike most 5k races that focus on the competition, the Color Run emphasizes the fun and happy sides to exercising.

To start off the run, you walk up to the starting line wearing all white, and for good reason! After the race starts, you unleash yourself into a world full of color – literally. All along the run you are blasted with various colors of paint from every direction. Each kilometer is represented by a different color, whether it be yellow, orange, pink, or blue. Thus, when you enter what is called a “Color Zone” you are sprayed with paint from every direction by volunteers, sponsors or staff. By the end of the run you are already completely covered in paint from head to toe, but to finish the race off right, you cross the finish line with a massive color blast of all 4 colors.

And if the run itself wasn’t enough color for you, there are more opportunities to get colored during post-race activities, where food is provided as well. The run encourages all ages to participate, whether you walk, jog or run. There are no age requirements and the run is not timed whatsoever.

When signing up for the run, you can either run solo or you can make a “color team” of 4 or more people. To register a team, you must create a team name and of course encourage each other to have a fun time during the run. By the way – the sooner you sign up, the cheaper it will be! The price to participate in the run starts at $40.00 for a solo runner and $35.00 for a team member runner until September 15. After that, the price will go up another $5-$10 until October 1st, so don’t delay – sign up for the Lawrence Color Run today

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