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Cindy Nguyen ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.
Name: Cindy Nguyen Twitter: @CindayLouHoo 
From: Salina, KS
Age: 20
Birthday: August 17, 1994
Year: Junior
Graduation Date: May 2016
Major: Applied Behavioral Science/French 
Relationship Status: Taken (Sorry, boys!)
Looking For: My car keys (Men)
Hobbies Include: Volunteering, crafting, and obsessing over James Franco and Ryan Reynolds. 
Involvement: I am a Fundraising Committee Member for KU Dance Marathon, and I participated in a Fall Break for the KU Alternative Breaks Program. Also, I am involved with  KU Global Partners,  KU Asian-American Student Union (AASU), and KU Vietnamese Student Association (VSA).
Q: Where do you work? 
A: I am currently interning for a local non-profit called Lawrence Meals On Wheels, and I am a Collective Philanthropy staff member for The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Midwest. 
Q: What are your future goals? 
A: To own a pug farm, of course! And I want to eventually work as a behavioral scientist/analyst specializing in children with autism!
Q: How would you describe yourself? 
A: Bubbly, altruistic, loving, kind, and romantic!
Q: What’s your favorite feature on a person? A: It would definitely have to be a person’s smile! That is the first thing I notice.
Q: What do you like in a guy? 
A: The jawline. Well, other than an amazing personality of course!
…Mmm those jawlines though.
Q: What’s your favorite feature on yourself? 
A: I love my naturally curly/wavy hair! I literally never have to do my hair, and it really is empowering getting up in the morning and being able to say “I WOKE UP LIKE DIS”
Q: Tell me something no one knows. 
A: This is going to sound really weird, but I’m seriously obsessed with eating corn. JUDGE ME
No judgement, girl… Corn is heaven.
Q: What makes you happiest? 
A: Being with my sweet little Winston! (My baby pug)
*insert “awww” noises
Q: If you could go anywhere, where would it be? A: The island of Burano, Italy or the Provence Village of Menton, in theProvence-Alpes Cote d’Azur in France. These are a couple of the most colorful places in Europe and I have always admired the beauty they have to offer!
Take us with you!
Q: How has your heritage influenced you? 
A: It has shaped my goals and helped my development as a person. My Vietnamese heritage is evident in many aspects of my life: my traditions, what I embrace and love, how I
love, and the passion the drives me to be successful.
Q: What is your favorite band? 
A: Yikes this is such a difficult question because I listen to literally every genre of music! But Mumford & Sons and Maroon 5 and One Direction are definitely my top picks!
1D is coming back to KC, ladies *cough Cindy cough*!
Q: What are you passionate about? 
A: Working with non-profits because I admire the efforts these organizations put in for improving a certain aspect of human life. Paying it forward has always been such a huge part of my life!
Q: Guilty pleasure?A: Ghirardelli’s caramel chocolate squares! Mmmm. If we’re talking about food! But a really strange guilty pleasure of mine is the fact that I love reading about serial killers, murderers, and psychopaths, and I have been doing it since I was in the 4th grade. It’s always been interesting to me to learn about their behaviors, what goes on in their minds, and how they process things. But an embarrassing guilty pleasure of mine is talking gangsta to Winston or just talking to him about my life problems. His stoic faces are the best non-reactions to that sort of thing! I have no shame.
You do you, girl. You do you.


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