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Campus Cutie V-Day Edition: Andrew & Mariah

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Names: Mariah Givens & Andrew Sims

Year in School: Super Seniors


M: Global and International Studies

A: Visual Arts

Status: Dating for 2 years and 9 months!                              

On-campus Activities

M: Student Union Activities, Black Student Union, Board of Class Officers, Global Awareness Program.

A: Black Student Union

Off-campus Activities

M: Modeling, lots of babysitting, working at Oread and Delish Catering, and exploring the art and culture of Kansas City.

A: Coaching 14-18 year old baseball at Between the Lines.


 M: When he wears his baseball hats backwards so he can kiss me. A fresh haircut & when he smells of Axe products. Oh, and when he does his celebration dances or joins in with my randomness. Plus his slanty smile.

A: When she wears her hair down (straightened), when she asks me sports questions, when she plays video games, and when she speaks Japanese.


M: When he bites his hangnails or when he TAPS and SHAKES his legs… That goes for anyone.

A: When she wears her retainer.

Okay, give me the story, how’d you two meet? On the eve of a volunteer event while we were students at JCCC. We were taking tickets for the Nutcracker Ballet at the Folly Theater.

Favorite thing about the other person

M: I like that he is athletic, but also artistic. And he’s professional, but loves to have fun.

A: Bubbly Personality, smile, shares interest in my interests

Favorite piece of clothing on the other

A: Summer Dresses

M: A short sleeve tight V-neck that shows his physique 

Weirdest thing about the other person

M: Dragon Ball-Z obsession. He says “it’s not an obsession, it’s a lifestyle.” I say it’s better than him liking some dirty video vixen.

A: Her eating habits. She omits eggs and doesn’t drink milk alone.

Pet peeves:

M: When he makes a plate of food or drink for us and doesn’t wash his hands first. 

A: When she tries to tell me what to do.

Do you two have a song? Or something that’s solely yours? Prototype by Outkast, but we both will rock out to almost any rock band song at Indie Bar and Lounge in KC.

Favorite restaurant: Cheddar’s. Gotta love those croissants.

What’s your favorite thing to do together? Shoe shopping and going to the Nerman and Nelson Atkins museum.

What’s a typical night look like for the both of you?

A: Her bouncing off the walls eating my cooking and watching movies etc. (while she asks continuous questions).

Who pursued who?

M: I pursued him. I generally get what I want… in due time.

Favorite physical feature of the other person

A: Her back

M: His eyes and his torso. Ooh la laa.

If you could go on any vacation together, where would you go, what time of year, and why would you go there? Japan. Spring. The culture. And food and friends.

What was it about him/her that really hooked you?

A: Her attitude and interest in Asian cultures.

M: His personality and fun spirit. And his interest in art and music— it sparked conversation.

First kiss:

M: May 9, 2010, at JCCC ‘s Multicultural Office where he worked at the time.

Take me through your first date:

M: He came over to my house to meet my parents who were on a date and hung out until they returned, before we went out to the movies.

Take me through your favorite moment together

A: When we were at Worlds of Fun and I ripped my pants doing a stunt, and she lent her jacket to me so I could wear it around my waist for the rest of the evening.

M: Freezing our butts off at the Chief’s game— whoo baby it was cold! But it was my first Chiefs game and all of our old and new friends were there and we chanted and huddled up. I wrapped his scarf around him like a swaddled baby.

What has caused you to stay with one another?

A: She’s only getting more beautiful every day. And she’s still able to make me laugh.

M: He’s strong, wise and funny, even when we bicker, we still praise and support one another… and NEVER go to bed angry with one another.

This is Valentine’s Day # what for you two? What have you done in the past? What do you have planned for this Valentine’s Day? NUMBER 4. No plans currently.

M: In the past we’ve stayed home and watched movies while he cooked steak and there was wine & I was only 19 but hey! Year two was our first year in Lawrence so we got to know the city. Year three we did it big & went to Nelson Atkins Museums, then dinner at Houston’s and exchanged gifts there.

One piece of advice you have for couples who are just starting out, give us your wisdom!

No babies, it can wait. No internet stalking one another. And don’t reflect your relationship on the elements around you: Celebs, family members, & friends. Just do “you” and define love in your own way! The most fun part of a relationship is the beginning, when you get the chemistry going and you learn new things. But the journey is the best part, so single people, don’t rush the feelings because love will find you.

Plans for the future?

M: God takes the wheel. Graduate. Master’s Degree. Graduate. Big kid jobs and travel. So we’re just down for the ride, and hopefully, we’re on the road OUT of cold Kansas.

A: To travel, enjoy each other, and settle down one of these fine days.