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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

You may know Brandon Goldberg from his involvement in the KU Jewish community, but you’re more likely to know him through his fraternity, AEPI. Brandon is a freshman this year from Evanston, Ill., majoring in Finance. He is a current member of AEPI and helps with the rush chair. His duties involve making the potential rushees feel comfortable around the brothers, scouting people to join the chapter and making sure all the potential rushees are a good match for the house. While Brandon won’t be living in the house next year, he will be a higher position on the rush committee and more involved in the fraternity as a whole. 


Over winter break Brandon participated in a Birthright Trip in Israel. He says it was the best time of his entire life as his group traveled from the south to the north of Israel over ten days. There they saw the Dead Sea, went to the Kotel and stayed in Jerusalem. 



Every Friday, Brandon attends Chabad dinner at the Chabad house. This is through KU and involves a formal dinner in which the food is blessed and everyone enjoys a kosher meal. 


Next time you see Brandon around campus, make sure to give a warm, “Shalom!”

Madeline Hutton is a freshman at the University of Kansas with a major in Finance and a minor in FIlm & Media studies. In the past, she has been involved in KUJHTV's "Good Morning KU", tennis, rowing, and yearbook committee. She has been a vegetarian for six years, and has worked with different animal organizations to promote the lifestyle and assist in dog adoption. Upon graduation Madeline plans on moving to California to begin a career in film.