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Since September 22nd, the autumnal equinox, the sun has started to set earlier and the air feels a bit more brisk. It is the perfect amount of cozy vibes to make both readers and non-readers want to pick up a book. Here are seven books I think you should read before winter comes.

  1. The Grishaverse Series
Photo of hand holding book. Shadow and Bone.
Original photo by Aubree Chavez

This series has widely become popular since it’s Netflix adaptation that was released in April 2021. The original trilogy Shadow and Bone follows the main character Alina Starkov as she navigates new found powers. If you have ever heard of “The Darkling,” this is a vital character to this story and is truly a grey character. This series has a companion duology series called Six of Crows which follows Kaz Brekker navigating his life as part of the magical group called Grisha. All five of these novels are considered young adult fantasy and after you’ve binged read them you can then binge the show!

2. The Ex Hex

Photo of hand holding book. The ex hex
Original photo by Aubree Chavez

This halloween-esque romance book is a sweet romance story that follows a young witchling in her small town. When her ex boyfriend comes into town she has to renavigate her life with him in it all while trying to get the curse she set on him broken. This is a quick read and now has a companion novel called The Kiss Curse. Read for all the small town and witchy feels.

3. American Psycho

Photo of hand holding a book. American psycho.
Original photo by Aubree Chavez

Okay, so this book is definitely on the horror sides of books you should read this fall, but hey, its American Psycho! This book follows a young man living in the city. Readers are able to see what is going on inside of the psychotic Patrick Bateman and discusses in satire what the American Dream looks like. You also can fangirl the movie adaptation starring Christian Bale after or before you pick this book up.

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This domestic thriller will make you not want to put the book down. Following the married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, you see how they have navigated their relationship as Mr. Wright suffers from facial blindness, causing him to sometimes not even recognize his own wife. When the two spend the weekend in Scotland, secrets will be revealed, and maybe the what—or who—is wanting their relationship to end.

5. Frankenstein

This novel is a go to classic from the 19th century and will make any classic hater consider becoming a classic lover. The novel is about Dr. Frankenstein who creates a monster and then has to live with the consequences of creating this monster and then abandoning it. It is more of a reflection piece and will make you question who the real monster of the story is, and if the death that occurred could have been prevented.

6. Carmilla

Photo of hand holding book. Carmilla
Original photo by Aubree Chavez

This is the original vampire book, and if you’re too scared to read Dracula pick this short one up! The main character, introduced as Laura, is introuduced to another woman named Carmilla and the two quickly are drawn to one another. When Laura starts to become frightened, and there is horror occuring in their town, people soon begin to wonder what truly is going on. If you’re wanting a vamp sapphic gothic novel to pick up, here’s the perfect one.

7. Layla or Verity or November 9

Hand holding book. Layla
Original photo by Aubree Chavez

All three of these books are super easy books to get you into reading. They are all written by the same author, Colleen Hoover, and have a romance plot. Layla is consider a supernatural romance while Verity is thriller. November 9 is a classic romance. You truly cannot go wrong with any of these books. Pro-tip: don’t go into the book knowing the plot or reading the back, just start on page one.

Hopefully all of these books can help you get into the cozy fall reading mood and you can discover a new book you enjoy!

Hello everyone! My name is Aubree Chavez and I am a third-year student studying English with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In my free time I enjoy writing, reading, and uploading videos on my youtube channel.