The Best of LPD Tweets

If you're new to Lawrence for the school year, you may not know yet of the infamous @LawrenceKS_PD Twitter. The Lawrence Police Department has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel as well as many other news organizations, and just recently they were being filmed for the new season of Cops. While policing should obviously be taken very seriously, we here at HCKU think that the Lawrence Twitter is a much needed break from the controversy and hatred that is sometimes built between a police department and its community. The Lawrence PD Twitter strikes the perfect balance between call-out humor of a college town and some serious crowd sourcing when it comes to solving crime. If you haven't gotten around to binge-reading all their best bits, don't worry about it. We've got you covered.

This first tweet is a gem for multiple reasons: First of all, the absolute shade. Second of all, LOL this was on Stop Day.

That's called stalking, Sandy. 

Another tweet from around this time reads "Hey, were you just smoking a bong on your front lawn?" "No." "Okay. Have a good night." 

Shout out to Jimmy for calling LPD out on their silence and lack of observance for this sacred day.

That time when KCTV5 momentarily forgot that weed isn't legal...

Blake, the Water Vape-er who brought forth this absolute roast of the century:

Honestly, R.I.P.

Arguably one of the best typo call-outs ever to exist.

I'm sorry, boys, but I have a feeling it's not the flu.

I'm so happy you asked, LPD. Glad you're opening up to some new experiences... 

Okay, but are you ever really chill about anything LPD?

I'm sure the tree was actually being really shady... 

I know you are but what am I?

As long as dollar night is around? Sorry to report that that record will never change.

Anyone else remember that guy who walked up and down Mass at a leisurely stroll stark naked? No one even batted an eye.

But without idiots holding gunpowder sticks, you guys would be out of a job! We're just #keepingAmericaemployed 

You know, Wave the Wheat, Don't Punch People In The Face and all those other unique traditions that make KU what it is.

The Trend That Must Not Be Named

And finally, this fun game we play sometimes with the citizens of our fine community. Rock Chalk!