Best Little Gifts to Get Your Little

Her Campus gets it. It’s last minute and you need to grab some super cute gifts for your super cute little. Here is the ultimate list of small and inexpensive gifts that your little will actually enjoy.


Any sorority apparel whatsoever

You have to put yourself in their shoes; they don’t have anything sorority related. That means they think all of it is cool. That one big tshirt with your letters that you’ve worn twice will mean everything to your little.


Beauty Products

These are a good way to fill space in your bag or basket. You can get things like lipgloss, nail polish, face masks, etc. for around $5. A great staple.


Phone Card Holder 

Anyone in college can vouch as to how handy these are. Bonus points if you can find one with your sorority on it.


I feel like you have to buy scrunchies every couple months because they somehow go missing. Who doesn’t need more scrunchies?



Stickers are a sorority girl basic. They are great for laptops, water bottles, and notebooks. 


Fun Colored Sunglasses.

Because crazy sunglasses come in handy in college more than you’d think.

Blank Journal

Girls naturally are overthinkers, overplanners, and overworriers. A journal is useful or doodling or organizing thoughts. Plus, there is something undeniably satisfying about a fresh journal.


Sorority necklace

This is the most thoughtful gift of the list. A simple necklace with your sorority’s emblem will make your little’s whole week. I got one from my big as a new member, and I wear it nearly daily to this day.

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