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Not to be dramatic but Glossier is one of the best things that has ever happened to Millennials. Let me break it down for you. Glossier is not just the most innovative, risk-taking beauty brand that we all needed but never deserved. The oh so marvelous Glossier built a cult following in less than the 3 years since its birth. No, it’s not just aesthetically pleasing. And let me clear the air. It’s not just for people with perfect skin. Anyone and everyone can wear Glossier products. Guys, gals, moms, dads, boyfriends, the girl- on-the-go, and the beauty feign that stands in the mirror perfecting their makeup for hours. The magic of the company is they cater to a diverse market of consumers. One can have no idea how to apply makeup, nor want to feel like they’re wearing any. Others, the artists, the beauty fiends, want to see products that have never been created before. When using anything Glossier, you can go as au naturale, or bold as you choose. Products that truly work with you, not against you. Let’s be honest, it sounds like I’m most definitely sponsored. Hah! I wish. Glossier focuses on skin first, makeup second. When rocking a glowing base, nothing can stop you from creating a masterpiece on your face. Of course, in addition to the masterpiece that IS your face. ;)


Super Pure: A good serum is essential to every glowing skincare routine. This is the serum you need in your life. It’s lightweight, keeps pesky blemishes away, reduces redness, and allows moisturizer to sink into skin to best of its ability. Every time I begin to run low on this serum, I go into immediate panic mode. If my skin doesn’t get what it wants (which is always Super Pure) then it throws a tantrum by breaking out. Yes, my skin is spoiled. No, I will never stop giving it what it wants.

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Boy Brow: This is the only brow gel that should be sold because it blows every other brands’ brow gel out of the water. It has no competition and never will. It keeps brows in place without making them feel stiff, and adds just the right amount of tint to convince people that you naturally have brows like Lucy Hale & Zendaya. However, the element that makes this product is its perfect texture. It adds immediate fullness and never flakes.

Credit: stylecaster.com

Lash Slick: I didn’t realize great mascara existed until a 2018 Glossier Launch graced the world with a miracle product. The only, and I mean only mascara that doesn’t transfer under the eyes throughout the day. Additionally, some fairies in their factories added fibers to the formula that make your lashes look insanely long. The mascara has rich pigmentation, and holds a dang good curl. You can wear the mascara as natural or dramatic as you choose, and it won’t clump, or flake. The wildest feature of this product is that it comes off with just water. You heard me right. It comes off of your lashes in tubes and is oh so satisfying to remove.

Credit: COOLS

Lip Gloss: So good it doesn’t need a name or shade. It speaks for itself. The glossiest, smoothest, shiniest, most moisturizing, unscented, long lasting, non-sticky gloss to ever graze your lips. If you have to spend your pretty penny on one product, buy this. Call me when your lip gloss be poppin’.

Credit: The Luxe List 

Glossier You: You won’t believe it till you smell it. Or until you don’t smell it. Why? Because this fragrance smells like the best version of you. It’s unexplainable. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s you. I am at a loss for words. All I can say is that is smells differently on everyone. People won’t come up to you and say, “your perfume smells really good” however, they will come up to you and say, “you smell so good” or maybe they won’t even say anything at all. They’ll just think you naturally smell addictive. Finally, just like all the rest of their magnificent products, Glossier You lasts all damn day.

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And… the most fabulous part of all… the products arrive to you in the chicest, protective, muted pink pouch filled with stickers that only Emily Weiss (Founder & CEO of Glossier) could dream up. “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.” -Glossier

Hannah is currently a Sophomore at The University of Kansas studying Strategic Communications in the School of Journalism with a minor in Business. She is from Portland, Oregon. Hannah is your stereotypical Oregonian: a vegetarian who loves the outdoors. You can find her "ooohing"and "ahhhing"over all things beauty in her free time and chatting it up with old and new friends. She finds passion in helping people feel beautiful and strong from the inside, out.
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