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In 1883, a baby was born who would change the future for all women in such a way that she would still have the sixth most profitable luxury brand (worth seven billion) over 100 years later. Gabrielle Bonheur, better known as Coco Chanel, began a revolution amongst women. While the 20th century was still engrossed in women looking ‘feminine’ and ‘like women’, Chanel took a bold step in the opposite direction creating the first true suit designed for specifically women. It was not just her clothing that shifted the cookie-cutter image of women in the 20th century into the thousands of different styles seen today; her mannerisms also found a vital role in creating new means for females to exist on. This new, empowering place is where many women’s style resides today: the androgynous trend.

The dictionary states “having both masculine and feminine characteristics” defines the term ‘androgynous’. In recent years however, more and more women have found ways to show off their own personal style while making their style more androgynous. New York fashion week continually shows many of these styles both on and off the runway.  Models such as Cara Delavigne, designers like Alexa Chung, and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have all been seen sporting androgynous fashions. 


Street style has also been picking up on the androgynous look recently.  Buzzfeed and WikiHow both feature articles on how to pull off the androgynous style nearly effortlessly.  Many blogs found on Tumblr and WordPress are dedicated specifically to the trend.  If you are interested in testing out the look, check out the links above!

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