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Analyzing Flint’s Water Crisis

If you didn’t know, Flint, Michigan is going through a catastrophic time after it was confirmed that there was lead poisoning in the water system. This was something that was completely preventable; however, because of displacing issues without consideration today, many children are suffering the consequences.                                     

Water from Flinch Michigan, which has lead poisoning.

 One of the beliefs is that this was the result of environmental racism. This means that a region of land is deliberately put under hazardous and polluting material where people of color settle. According to demographics, the majority of Flint residents are African Americans and  40 percent of individuals live below the poverty line.

Although many will think ideas such as these are bogus, in 1987 a study found that race is the No. 1 factor in the placement of hazardous waste commercial facilities.

Individuals in the Flinch community protesting the water crisis. 

The past events have led doctors to state that all children and women who are expecting to only drink and cook with bottled water. However, in general all people are recommended to use bottled water as their primary source. It is believed that 8,000 children under the age of six could have been exposed to lead poisoning due to the water system. At this point in time it is more of the community moving toward caution, thus advising a greater use of bottled water. Yet children have already suffered due to governmental decisions. Research has shown that lead poisoning even in the smallest quantities can be detrimental in the growth of children.







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