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As I’m sure most, if not all of us, have heard by now, Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24th. She, along with rumored new man, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, pretty much broke the internet with their romance, and it manifested physically for the first time in the public eye on Sunday. Having been such an overwhelming day for Swifties everywhere, I thought everyone might need a quick recap of the day’s events (plus a little bit of what followed in its wake.)

On that Thursday, just days before kickoff, Kelce admitted on The Pat McAfee Show that he had invited Swift out to Arrowhead Stadium after seeing her in concert for “The Eras Tour” performing the very same arena. Kelce said he wanted her to see him “rock the stage” of Arrowhead too, just like she did back in July.

Travis Kelce discussing his invite extension to Taylor Swift to the Chiefs vs. Bears game.

Still, despite a few rumors of Swift’s attendance swirling around the internet the night before the game, no one quite knew for sure what was next in the Swift-Kelce saga. That is, until she was seen entering the stadium on Sunday morning, donned in a festive Chiefs windbreaker.

Then, of course, Taylor Swift was introduced on live television as the game began, and fans quickly noticed exactly where she was sitting — in the Kelce family’s private suite, directly next to Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna.

She and Mama Kelce were seen laughing and talking together throughout the game, but that wasn’t the only time the camera panned to Swift. When Travis Kelce scored a touchdown in the third quarter, Swift was visibly ecstatic, and all eyes were on her — the camera crew even cut away from the on-field celebration by the players to air a slow-mo shot of her cheering.

In a post-game interview with Erin Andrews, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes actually mentioned the pressure he felt to have Kelce score a touchdown with both Swift and a large chunk of her fans watching along.

This level of demand for content during the Chiefs vs. Bears game extended far beyond touchdowns, though. Swifties were so engrossed in every detail of Sunday’s game that a Post on X, formerly known as Twitter, went viral for including an update of what Taylor was snacking on in the Kelce suite, which sparked a series of memes and online brand marketing.

If the impact of Taylor Swift’s attendance on the football and business worlds was already difficult to grasp, take a look at these statistics posted just one day later:

The Chiefs defeated the Chicago Bears in a smooth 41-10 victory, but Swift’s night didn’t end there. She was seen on her way out of Arrowhead Stadium walking side-by-side with Kelce.

Interestingly, Kelce’s jacket and pants are labeled as “1989 Bedroom Painting” online. Fans have been speculating on its possible relation to 1989 (Taylor’s Version), which releases in October. (Or maybe it’s simply his way of telling us he’s in his 1989 era.) Regardless of the reason, Swifties were pretty pleased with the outfit choice.

The pair was then photographed on the streets of Kansas City in Kelce’s Chevelle convertible, which incited notions from fans that their entire day played out like a rom-com.

On the most recent episode of his podcast, New Heights, Kelce said that “we just slid away in the getaway car at the end,” likely referencing Swift’s 2017 hit song of the same name.

What he didn’t mention was where he drove it. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kelce rented out the Prime Social Rooftop restaurant for Swift and the Chiefs to enjoy. They were photographed once, but the remainder of the party seemed to be kept private.

As for now, Taylor Swift is currently rumored to attend Travis Kelce’s next game against the New York Jets on October 1st, but only time will tell. All I know is that as a longtime Swiftie and a huge football fan, I cannot wait to see what’s to come in the future.

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