8 Things To Do Over Your Holiday Break

Let’s face it. When you go to a school as awesome as KU, five weeks away can feel like a long time. Once the holidays pass, boredom tends to sink in. However, that doesn’t mean you should put your break to waste. Here is the ultimate list of things to do over your holiday break.


  • Go to the movies - Especially cozy and winter-y when you bring your own blankets from home and wear pajamas. #NoShame

  • Go on a mini vacation at home - Drive to the closest big city near you and spend the day there. You can go shopping, dress up, go out to a nice dinner with friends, take cute Insta pics, etc. It will feel like a day-long vacation.
  • Game night - Don’t roll your eyes. Playing any cardboard game or cards can honestly be so much fun with a group of your besties, especially if wine is involved.

  • Bake - Christmas cookies are still just as yummy after Christmas. Enough said.
  • Organize a room in your house - It doesn’t sound very fun, but the result is very satisfying and productive. Blaring loud music while cleaning is recommended.

  • Plan your summer vacation - There's nothing like dreaming of warmth on a cold, snowy day. Make plans to visit some out-of-state college friends over the summer!
  • Update your music library - Take time to discover new music. You can also edit some of your old playlists that you are getting sick of and make new ones.
  • Workout - No one wants to do it, but spring break always sneaks up on us a little too quickly. There are plenty of fun and easy workout videos on Youtube that you can do at home.


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