76 Thoughts You Have When You Go to a KU Basketball Game

1.     Yes! Finally! It’s game day! I’ve been waiting and camping for this all week!

2.     Oh my lanta it’s cold!

3.     Where’s my camping group?

4.     Number 32…not too shabby!

5.     Hey! Group 105! Standing by the front won’t get you in any sooner!

6.     Shoot I forgot to grab a newspaper.

7.     Where are those people always passing them out?

8.     Bam found one!

9.     Ugh when are they going to open the doors!? I can’t feel my hands

10.    Finally, let the stampeding begin!

11.    Now the big question: which side should we sit on?

12.    Quick spread out all of our stuff everywhere to save seats for people!

13.    *looks at clock*  only 1 hour and 36 minutes to game time

14.    Maybe I’ll just start making my cone now, that should kill some time

15.    First, let me take a Snapchat of the court and add it to my story

16.    I really should know how to make a cone by now

17.    Now its time to rip it up

18.    Oops! Almost ripped the big page I’m supposed to save

19.    Man, this hurts my fingers

20.    There’s got to be a more efficient way to do this

21.    And now I’ve got ink all over my hands

22.   Still have 1 hour and 10 minutes till tip off

23.   Man I’m starving

24.   But its sooooo expensive

25.   I’ll just wait, the game isn’t that long

26.   Time to take 15 more pictures with my friends and Instagram about how much fun I’m having and how much I love KU basketball

27.   Oooo Kelly Oubre is looking good today!

28.   I wish I was dating a basketball player

29.   They are all so cute

30.   Wahoo here comes the band!

31.   Getting closer!!!

32.   These signs are so clever

33.   I wish I was that creative

34.   Man, the house is PACKED

35.   Here comes the Alma Mater

36.   I hope I remembered deodorant

37.   Thank goodness for the words on the screen


39.   Here they come!!!!!

40.   Yay the clapping song!

41.   Is it four claps or five?


43.   I wonder what the fans from the other team are thinking

44.   Probably how much they don’t belong here

45.   Shoot! Where did I put my paper I’m supposed to be holding!

46.   Does anyone ever read the back side of the sign?


48.   Starting lineups make me feel a certain way


50.   Now time for the video that gets all of our motors running

51.   Man, I love Kansas

52.   LETS. GET. LOUD.

53.   There’s no way we can lose this game

54.   Well, maybe if we keep missing easy shots!

55.   Oh, come on! Where’s the foul?!

56.   These refs are going to cost us the game


58.   Wait, which free throw distraction are we on?


60.   Wow, Perry has how many points?!

61.   My feet hurt, when’s the timeout so I can sit?

62.   These pop up videos are hilarious

63.   I want to date a basketball player

64.   This person in front of me with the sign better cool it

65.   Halftime = sit down time

66.   I wonder what Bill is saying to them

67.   Ooo, I want a t-shirt!

68.   Always goes to the front row people….

69.   Second half lets go!

70.   Where’s the travel call ref?!

71.   IT’S. SO. LOUD.

72.   Okay, stop fouling us there is no way you are going to win

73.   Roccckkkkk challlkkkkk jayyyyhawwkkk kkkkkkuuuuuuuuu

74.   WE WON!

75.   Waving the wheat is the coolest thing ever

76.   See you bright and early for lottery Allen