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  1. Personality: The Crazy OneFrom this season: Ashley S. There is, of course, always multiple girls per season who can fit this role. But this season, Ashley S. takes the gold simply because she was just so downright weird. I’m honestly not sure if she was on drugs or what her deal was, but her behavior throughout the show was more than odd. It was most obvious on the paint-balling date, where she was seen acting a little gun-crazy, talking to herself, and ultimately tracking down Chris while he was being filmed. There was definitely something off about her, but I don’t think anyone no one really knows how to pinpoint it. Clearly she was too much for Chris, as she eventually was not given a rose.

  2. Personality: The One with a StoryFrom this season: KelseyEveryone has a story. This is the girl who has a tragic one, and as sympathetic we are for her, she seems to use this tragic past as leverage. Kelsey snuck away to Chris’s room to randomly and ungracefully blurt out the story of her deceased husband, which was odd enough as it was (what kind of name is Sanderson Poe?), but then the two proceeded to make-out immediately following this supposed sad story. All of the other girls, and probably all of America, saw right through this sob story as a manipulative technique by Kelsey to ensure herself a rose at the ceremony.

  3. Personality: The CrierFrom this season: Ashley I.She cries at everything. Happy, sad, frustrated, worried—Ashley I. was shedding tears (or sobbing) every time anyone opened their mouth. Unless of course, she was busy reminding us that she was a virgin (yeah, right). When Chris sent her home, she was literally bawling so much that she couldn’t speak, and I’m pretty sure there was snot coming out of her nose. Get it together, girlfriend.

  4. Personality: The DrunkFrom this season: TaraPut 25 beautiful girls in a room with one hot single guy and an unlimited amount of booze and you can bet that someone is going to be overindulging. Tara was actually swaying back and forth during one of the first rose ceremonies because she couldn’t stand upright—one too many whiskey cokes for this country girl. I mean, I don’t blame her, really. But if 24 other girls can keep it to a glass of wine or two, Tara could have managed.

  5. Personality: The Goody-Two ShoesFrom this season: BeccaThis girl is usually super gorgeous, sweet, and very likeable by both the bachelor and the viewers. Becca fits this persona perfectly. It’s not even necessarily a bad thing; she just doesn’t take as many risks as the other girls and is a little more hesitant. We all remember when her and Chris were overlooking a breathtaking view after their date and before Chris could kiss her, she said she wanted to wait for a better time (what could be a better time than that?). Cue exasperated eye roll from every girl in America.

  6. Personality: The Shady OneFrom this season: BrittOne of Chris’s (and our) favorites from the beginning, Britt remains a top contender on the show and has unmistakably stolen Chris’s heart. However, as the show goes on, Britt’s motives appear to become more and more skeptical and suspicious. She was the first girl to (speculatively) sleep with Chris, returning from the date to report to the girls that they “took a nap together.” It is clear that her and Chris have a real connection, but after lying to him about liking country music at his Big & Rich serenade, I have trouble believing that she would be happy as a farmer’s wife in Arlington, Iowa.

  7. Personality: The ComedianFrom this season: KaitlynThere’s always the girl who’s not afraid to crack a (probably inappropriate) joke at the risk of offending the bachelor and the other girls. In fact, this is precisely how she introduced herself to Chris after exiting the limo—by announcing that all she knew about him was that he was a farmer but he could “plow the f*** out of her any day he wants.” Some people will think she’s crude and unpolished next to the abundance of put-together, sweet-talking contestants, but usually the bachelor will find her endearing. In the case of Kaitlyn, Chris certainly thinks so, but maybe that’s just because he wants to “plow the f*** out of her.”

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