6 Yummy Dorm-Friendly Foods

If you live in a dorm like mine, I know what you are thinking-no good meal ever comes out of your little dorm room microwave...except for maybe a cup of easy-mac or ramen.

Prepare to be baffled! I have scoured the internet for the best microwave friendly meals out there! These foods are so simple to make right in your dorm, no stove needed. All you will need are the ingredients and a microwave to cook them. Get your taste buds excited to kiss that tasteless dining hall food good bye! 

P.S. the recipes are linked in the titles!

Mug Cakes!


You may have seen these around the Internet already, I was pretty amazed by them. These little personal cakes are DELICIOUS, and can be made simply by pouring the batter into a mug and popping it into the microwave. There are so many different kinds you can try, so if this recipe doesn’t look appetizing to you, hit up Pinterest for more ideas!



Yes, it is possible (and actually very easy) to cook eggs in your microwave. Who says you can’t eat a hearty breakfast in your room? If you already knew microwave eggs were a thing, you probably have your technique down. For those of you that didn’t know, click above for some guidelines for making sure your eggs turn out nice.



When you think about what goes into the making of Jell-O, it is obvious that as long as you have a microwave to boil your water and a fridge to cool it in, you can make as much Jell-O as you want in your dorm. Just follow the directions on the box. Substitute Vodka in place of the cold water, and your pre-gaming options just expanded beyond your roommate’s beer and straight shots of liquor from that one guy down the hall.  You’re welcome.


Yes, I am really talking about that yummy fish that you mom makes for you when you come home to visit. This recipe shows you how to make it in only 5 minutes! Commence salivation.

Mini Pizzas!

You can make your own personal pizzas using English muffins, sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you can think of! Just put it on a plate and microwave for 30 seconds or less (just watch for the cheese to melt), and bam! You have a scrumptious little mid-day snack.

Corn on the Cob!


This one is a favorite of mine, and it is so simple too! All you have to do is leave the husk on your corn, and put it in the microwave for 4 minutes. It comes out perfect every time! And what’s even better- no mess!

So what are you waiting for? Hit up the nearest grocery store and start making yourself some real, tasty, microwave food!