5 Ways to Stay Sane During the Rest of Winter

Did the groundhog REALLY have to see his shadow? Winter is sticking around for an extra six weeks, and I’m sure everyone is going a bit stir crazy at the thought of dealing with all of winter’s inconveniences. From the dry skin to the shorter days, to the inevitable cold, I’ve just about had enough of all of it. Here are some fun ideas that are often overlooked when it comes to surviving the 5 month long ice age:

1) Bake some cookies: Sure, this is an obvious one, but how remedial is that warm cookie smell? Even more important is eating all of them in 15 minutes or less. No worries, ladies, we’ve all been there.

2) Snow ice cream, snow smoothies, snow slushies: Use the snow to your advantage and make yourself some super tasty treats.

3) Start a hobby: Anything “new” or different to your usual routine is a really good way to break out of a wintertime slump, especially if it’s beneficial to your health, like trying out a new eating plan, reading a chapter of a book, or even knitting! Never turn down a free scarf. I went vegetarian over the break, so now I’m not only healthier but I’m more structured when it comes to eating! Food for thought, ladies… literally.

4) Work out: Take this time to take yourself to the gym while everyone else that goes there has the same idea as you do. The warm weather will come out of nowhere; don’t be that girl that lives at the gym for the first week of spring/summer in order to get into “bikini-shape.” Which leads to…

5) Go buy a swimsuit: Not only will you get first dibs on the cutest styles/colors, you’ll also get some sweet motivation to get your sun-deprived body to the student rec. Just don’t eat a whole batch of cookies before going to try your brand new suit on.