5 TV Shows to Binge Watch

The temperature’s getting colder (or at least it was), the leaves are changing, blankets are being brought out. You know what time it is! It’s prime binge-watching season! Here’s a list of 5 binge worthy series to get you started this fall!

1. Riverdale

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If you haven’t started watching this show, you’re missing out. It follows four best friends as they try to figure out a mysterious murder. Just when you think that you know what’s going on, there’s a plot twist. Season 3 just started and, honestly, I was skeptical at first, but with that first episode they got me. This season is definitely going to be just as mysterious and suspenseful as the rest, so make sure you don’t miss out!

2. Gotham

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Now I’m a Marvel girl at heart, but Gotham is my guilty pleasure. I started watching it on Netflix as something to just past the time, but from Episode 1, I was hooked. This show serves as a backstory to how Bruce Wayne became Batman, as well as how the iconic DC villains came to be. The characters are complex and there’s a lot of badass female characters in it as well, which I definitely appreciate. Gotham will be airing their 5th and final season in March, so you have plenty of time to catch up before then, and I highly recommend it. Oh, and did I mention that Ed Nygma (AKA the Riddler) has stolen my heart?

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3. Supernatural

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Two (seriously attractive) brothers traveling around hunting ghosts and other supernatural things? Sign me up! Supernatural is just starting their 14th season (yes, you read that right, 14) so there’s plenty to catch up on. Also! Fun Fact: It all starts in LFK. Yep, you read that right, Supernatural actually starts off in Lawrence, KS.

4. Bob's Burgers

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This is one of my favorite adult cartoons to watch. It never fails to make me smile, even on bad days. I think this is a must for comedy lovers. They’re also 30-minute episodes so you can easily make it through a season or two… or all of them.

5. American Horror Story

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I love this show even if I can’t watch it alone in the dark. Especially with Halloween being right around the corner, an AHS binge watching marathon is a must! You’re also guaranteed to never be bored because every season is a new story.