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5 Things You Will Regret Wearing Out

  1. Those $100 suede Steve Madden booties.

    They may be the finishing touch to a killer outfit, but it won’t be worth it when you wake up the next morning with remnants of last night’s drinks that someone (or you) spilled on them. It’s always a good idea to own cheap (but still cute) shoes for these kinds of nights. Find a $20 pair of booties at Target that you can designate for wearing to bars AND pulling together a kick-ass outfit. 

  2. That super cute white top.

    Yes, it may make you look tan in the middle of January or go perfectly with your burgundy jeans, but the sad truth is that if you’re going to be in an alcohol-prevalent atmosphere, you’re more likely than not to come home with some kind of spill or stain, and if you have the kind of luck that I do, probably right down the front. Save your white shirts and dresses for more low-key occasions. 

  3. Your roommate’s favorite shirt.

    Even if she tells you it’s okay if you wear it, I would advise against borrowing her (or anyone’s) clothes when you’re going out, especially if the item is expensive or well-liked. It could lead to a potentially awkward situation if anything were to happen to it, so just stick to your own clothes to avoid damaging someone else’s things. You would be annoyed if your favorite top was returned to you with beer stains down the front, too. 

  4. Super expensive jewelry.

    Kate Spade earrings, a Michael Kors watch—anything that you could easily lose or damage that would upset you the next morning when you realize it’s missing or broken. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

  5. A super short, super tight skirt/dress.

    You may be trying to catch a boy’s eye, but there are other ways to do this. And if you’re under the influence and dancing the night away with your friends, probably won’t notice when your super short, super tight dress starts to slide up, and this might catch the eye of the wrong person. Stick to outfits that flatter you AND are comfortable enough to dance in.

Photo credits: Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters, Pop Sugar, & Pinterest

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