5 Things You Should Buy In Your First Glossier Order

If you’ve ever looked through my past articles, you know that I often write about Glossier. I have a bit of an obsession, but I always thought that it was completely normal until a few days ago. I was talking to my friend about products we use regularly for skincare and I rambled off the name of Glossier, assuming she would know exactly what I was talking about. She stopped me and said she had never heard of the brand before… I was shocked. Turns out, not everyone is obsessed with Glossier! So, for you gals out there who are interested in making your first Glossier purchase, this one’s for you.


  1. Balm Dotcom - If this product was a human, I would marry them in an instant. This skin salve is my everything. It comes in a cute little paint-tube-looking container that advises to “use on lips, on cuticles, on elbows, on your friend… anywhere that needs some love.” With colder seasons ahead, I would urge everyone to have one of these little guys in their purse wherever they go. In the winter, I tend to get that red, irritated, dry skin right underneath my nose from blowing my nose so much. A little touch of this stuff clears that problem right up. I swear it’s magic. Plus, it smells amazing! There are eight flavors, but I would 11/10 recommend the coconut flavor. 

  2. Perfecting Skin Tint - If you’re like me, you love that natural glow that comes with the “no-makeup makeup” look. Glossier has your back, sis. This skin tint will make your skin look like it was touched by the gods. This product evens out discoloration on your face and leaves it looking soft, dewy, and toned. It literally puts a real-life snapchat filter on your face (one of those cute ones with the flowers on your head or something—not one that will make you look like an alien). However, this product has more promises about what it WON’T do rather than what it will do. It won’t cover up freckles, cake pores, or leave you feeling ~icky~ throughout the day like many foundations do. I absolutely love my freckles, so to find a product that embraces my natural beauty makes my heart happy. 

  3. Priming Moisturizer - With an anti-redness complex, this product improves the overall appearance of your skin tone, unlike many moisturizers. It also acts as a primer, leaving your skin in perfect condition for makeup. Glossier states that this is the ideal base for their Perfecting Skin Tint, and let me be the one to tell you that these two products are a total dynamic duo. Creating a “cushiony bounce and an even texture,” this priming moisturizer is buildable and always makes my skin happy, healthy, and pretty!

  4. Lidstar - Okay, so maybe you aren’t into the whole “no-makeup makeup” thing. That’s cool! We all have our preferences. If you’re looking for more of a makeup-y product, Lidstar is for you. This glistening liquid eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous and it is made to last all day. It is made with “ultrafine multicolor pearls” to provide a gorgeous shimmer. The formula is buildable, silky, and ridiculously easy to apply. All you have to do is dab some directly on your eyelids and blend with your fingertip. Voila! You’ve got a party-worthy eyeshadow look that will last all night.

  5. Boy Brow - Okay, I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve never tried this product because I’m super particular about my eyebrows and I already use a product that I love and it’s kind of my holy grail. However, I knew that if Boy Brow wasn’t on this list, I might get crucified by my fellow Glossier freaks. Boy Brow is a top rated makeup product that kind of put Glossier on the map. This grooming pomade thickens, shapes, and grooms brows into place without the feeling of stiffening or flaking.

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