5 Things Female Sports Fans are Tired of Hearing

I think any female sports fan can agree with me when I say being a sports fan is annoying sometimes. The sad thing is it has nothing to do with the sport itself. It’s because of the male sports fans who are determined to prove that female sports fans are inferior to them. Here’s a list of 5 things that female sports fans just don’t want to hear anymore.

1. “You only watch the sport because you think the players are hot”

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Probably one of the most common assumptions thrown out there. Contrary to popular belief, we watch the sport and our team for many of the same reasons men do. The players being hot is merely a bonus.

2. “All female sports fans are too emotionally attached to their team/players”

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Isn’t every sports fan attached to their team and players which is why they’re a fan? We’re allowed to be upset about our team losing or our favorite players being traded thank you very much.

3. “You clearly don't understand this. Let me explain it to you”

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No we don’t need you to mansplain the sport to us. We understand it just as well as you or even better so don’t interrupt the game to try and dumb down something we already know.

4. “Name X number of players/prove you’re a fan”

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Please tell us what this is supposed to accomplish. If we fail your pop quiz are we banned from being a fan? Nice try.

5. “What guy are you trying to impress?”

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Obviously girls can’t like sports just because they’re entertaining. Everything we do is in order to get a guy, right? Don’t make us laugh.