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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

1. We don’t need to say sorry for everything. Sometimes you’ve just got to roll with the punches and accept what comes your way. Don’t be sorry for living your life and making mistakes, besides you’ve survived up to this point, right?



2. Fight for what you love you love. If it feels right and makes you happy then don’t give up on it. Some things only come around once in a lifetime, and whether it’s an opportunity, a friendship or a lover, you’ve got to decide whether they’re the precious gems in your life you just can’t leave behind. Cliché of course, but all the more true. 



3. Ask the bigger questions in life. It’s always good to think about the bigger picture and to get a little heated about things. It’s good to care about things outside of your own little world even if events in your life caused you to think about them in the first place. 



4. A compliment never hurt anyone. Have you ever just been passing by a complete stranger and they say, “Hey you’ve got great hair,” or, “I love that jacket,” and it completely turned your day around? Don’t be shy. A compliment goes a long way and you just may make someone’s day. 



5. Give yourself a break. Sometimes you just need to let yourself relax and get away from all the stresses in your life. We all know life can get a little overwhelming, and what could be better then solving all the world’s problems after a long bubble bath?