5 Indicators You're from a Small Town

1. You know everyone—and everything about them.

I would say this is the biggest difference between a small and big school/town/community. I have met so many people through my life that have told me they don’t know everyone they went to school with, but where I grew up, if there was a new student, it was the community’s job to find out who they are, where they’re from, who their parents are, and why they’re coming to our high school.

I realize that makes us sound like super judgmental, nosy people as a community, but that’s not the case. We just were always super involved in being vested in the lives of the people who make up the community. Also, there was nothing else to do.  


2. Everyone knows you—and all about you. 

Don’t think those rules don’t apply to you! Whether you like it or not, people are always there wondering how and what you’re doing. 


3. There was one hangout place in the whole town.

Whether it was the only town restaurant, the school parking lot after a sports game, or an individual’s house, you had the hangout spot established.  


4. You say you can’t wait to leave, but you miss it at soon as you do.

Guilty. While it’s okay to have ambitions, travel, broaden your horizons, and gain more experience in the world, there is no denying the special spot in your heart that can only be filled with where you grew up. I’m only three and a half hours away from home, so those of you Jayhawks from Texas, Colorado, or Minnesota, I have some MAD respect for y’all!


5. You’re part of a close-knit community.

By far, the best part about being from such a loving community is the support you get for whatever it is you’re pursuing. Everyone roots for you and keeps you from giving up. Some days you need a little more motivation; with a community like the one a small town provides, you have your own hype bench.