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5 Hilarious Women You Should Be Following on Social Media

Here are my top 5 favorite women to follow on social media:

1) Kelly Oxford

Author of Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar

screenwriter and twitter sensation


Twitter- @kellyoxford

Instagram- kellyoxford

2) Jenny Mollen

Writer for Cosmo Magazine

Author of I Like You Just The Way I Am


Twitter- @jennyandteets

Instagram- jennyandteets2


3) Jenny Johnson

Comedian and social media sensation

Twitter- @JennyJohnsonHi5

Instagram- jennyjohnsonhi5

4) Carly Aquilino

Comedian and on the cast of Girl Code

Twitter- @carlyaquilino

Instagram- carlyaquilino

Vine- carlyaquilino

5) Winberryfairy

Vine star

Twitter- @Winberryfairy

Instagram- Winberryfairy

Vine- Winberryfairy

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