5 Christmas Youtube videos to waste time watching

Finals Week is fast approaching, you say? Well, so is Christmas. While studying and no sleep go hand in hand during this time of year, so does relaxing and having a little fun. This will be my seventh finals week, so I feel as though I've successfully mastered the art of both work and play.

What better way to take a break from the endless papers and lecture slides than to hit up the best procrastination tool since...well...forever? YouTube. Here are some Christmas-themed videos I found that should give you a Jolly Old St. Nick belly laugh and rest your weary hands, my fellow collegiettes. 

1. The Scary Snowman

2. Cat Hating On Its Christmas Outfit

3. Jimmy Kimmel Challenge - I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present

4. Senior Citizen Flash Mob (In our very own Lawrence, Kansas Target!)

5. Animals Of YouTube Sing, "Deck the Halls."

I hope you've enjoyed the break! Happy Finals Week to all, and to all a good night!