40 Things That Run Through Your Mind at Target

1. Alright, I only have 20 minutes today and you can only afford the items on your list.

2. I’ll only need a basket. I won’t have that much stuff.

3. Ooh the dollar section!

4. Why do they put that right by the door anyway?

5. Nope. Today I will be strong. Keep walking. Keep. Walking.

6. That’s a cute bag.

7. Last time I checked I do need a new clutch.

8. What’s the point of a clutch anyway?

9. Whatever. It’s cute. I need it.

10. I might as well check out the swimsuits.

11. #springbreakforever #sb2k17

12. Yup, I need this black bikini. It’s an essential.

13. Easter candy is out already?

14. Better early than never. I’ll just grab a few chocolate eggs.

15. Fine, I’ll go get a cart just because this basket is awkward to hold.

16. Focus now. You need deodorant, shampoo, and bread.

17. Why do I know my way around here so well?

18. Oh yeah, I come here every other day.

19. There’s the deodorant.

20. Phase One complete.

21. Ah the shampoo aisle always smells so good…

22. Alright Suave Sea Breeze, where you at?

23. What is Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo with Olive Oil?

24. That would do wonders on my hair.

25. $30 for that small bottle!!! No way. Nevermind.

26. Okay bread, bread, bread.

27. Maybe I’ll grab some frozen pizzas for dinner this week.

28. And Cheez-Its because they taste good.

29. Where is that big tub shaped like a bear filled with animal crackers?

30. There’s the bread. One loaf of wheat.

31. I need to checkout. My cart is getting full.

32. Which line is fastest?

33. I’ll choose Barbara.

34. Alright girlfriend, let’s make this quick.

35. No way, Kourtney and Scott are back together.

36. I haven’t had a Twix in forever.

37. “Can you add this Twix, magazine, gum, and Diet Coke on?”

38. Wait, why did that cost so much?

39. But I do need all of this.

40. I am never coming here again.