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4 Ways to Workout When Time Doesn’t Allow It

It’s HARD to be a full-time student and look like a snack all while being tired and having no time. That being said, here are ways to stay active when your schedule won’t allow it.


1.   Walk to class

Considering the large amount of hills and staircases on campus, it’s simple to find ways to be (or at least feel like you’re being) more active. Instead taking the bus, walk to class. Fall is super pretty here, so walking can also serve as a way to take in the beauty of the campus.


2.   Take the stairs

Again, being a student at KU, you definitely know that taking the stairs and walking up hills makes you feel more sore than you ever probably feel after a workout. That being said, opting for the stairs instead of the elevator is a great way to tone those legs.

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P.S. God bless Michael Scott.


3.   Park far away

If you have to drive anywhere, park in a stall far from the point of entry to get the most walking out of your trip.


4.   Workout videos

When you have a small amount of time and maybe even a small amount of space, use workout videos on YouTube. These will give you quick exercises targeting any muscle group you choose. There are also many fitness apps that can make workouts for you to do in small amounts of time! These are easily accessible and quick, too!


Starting with these 4 tips turn your weekly routine from good to great! Now, if only there was a way to not want ice cream from the dining hall with every meal… 

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Hi! I'm Callie! I’m an Iowa native with a love for people, running, the Jayhawks and chips & salsa because, honestly, who doesn’t?
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