4 Examples of Female Artists Who Are Using Their Powers for Good


Women in entertainment are killing it right now. Whether their content is being created or amplified, more and more examples have surfaced recently as proof of the amazing things women can do with art. Below are just a few of the women who have taken the superpower that comes with being a woman and used it to voice what truly matters.


  • Janelle Monáe

Despite the negative connotation of the album's title and its opening track, make no mistake- Janelle Monáe is not apologizing for who she is. Through Dirty Computer, she unfolds a narrative of processing what it means to be a queer woman of color over the course of 14 tracks. The album explores the true acceptance of identity, even as a self-conscious child (recounting how that feels in 'I Like That', when she sings, "But even back then with the tears in my eyes/ I always knew I was the shit") and how that acceptance still never fully takes away our vulnerability, as shown in 'Don't Judge Me'. This ever-crucial collection of impactful anthems is for anyone who is still processing what it means to coexist with their own uniqueness. "This album is for you," she told her audience through Rolling Stone. "Be proud."

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  • The Aces

Previously referred to by refinery29 as "the girl band you need on your playlists", The Aces are quickly on the rise. They are an all-girl band made up of four longtime best friends, set apart by the fact that they've been making music together since middle school. Their strong bonds as friends and their shared unconditional passion for making music has blossomed into the creation of something unique, yet approachable- their most recent album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, is an electronic-poppy dream, perfect for jamming with the windows down. They cite Lorde as a strong influence, but their sound is so much their own, and it never gets old. Keep an eye out for these girls and what they can do.

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  • Ariana Grande

As always, Ariana Grande is continuing to wow us all with her incredible talent, and Sweetener is no exception. The world has been going crazy over hew newest pop  album with good reason. Beneath the fun and simplicity of her pop sound on this album is an underlying stress of honesty, from her frank take on toxic relationships in 'everytime' to the meaningful description of her mental aftermath after and struggle to cope after the Manchester bombing in 'get well soon'. Ariana has never been a force to be reckoned with, and she is not about to start now.

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  • Rachel Bloom

Actress, musician and comedian Rachel Bloom has been creating content for years, but her most notable achievement recently has been her comedy TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which she both wrote AND has the starring role in. Although the CW show is a comedy (and a great one at that), it's also a platform that Bloom has used to openly address the importance of mental health. Rebecca Bunch is an invaluable character because while so many problematic female characters are passed off as "quirky", Rachel Bloom is one of few writers who addresses the very real issues beneath the surface of mental illness going untreated. Aside from the show being wildly funny and addictive, it holds a truly important message, and we have Rachel Bloom to thank for that.

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