30 Ways To Be Creative With Your Bullet Journal

If you haven't heard of the infamous “bullet journal”, it's a cross between a planner, a diary, and a to-do list, with many other wonderful opportunities. Essentially just your go-to notebook, it will become your best friend. Whether you use it to track meals and sleep, plan your schedule, or take notes in class, the bullet journal is key to succeeding in organization.

So what're you waiting for? Go out and buy a bullet journal at Target, Walmart, or your local bookstore. If it’s easier to buy on Amazon, I've linked a few perfect examples of journals and notebooks to get the job done.

Perfect! So once you have your own journal, now comes the fun part. There are hundreds of ideas for layouts, concepts, and decorations. Here’s a list of creative pages ideas that even I use in my own bullet journal:

Sleep tracker: A simple way to keep track of how many hours you're actually getting a night, and improve your sleeping habits.



Mood trackers: This page is one of my most fascinating, as I am often more happy and joyful than my pessimistic outlook likes to pretend.


Monthly calendar

Daily planner


5-year plan and tracker: this idea can help plan for the near future and the not so near future, and help you stay on track to achieving long term goals


Upcoming events

Long term to-do list


Daily to-do list: much different than the long-term list, this page could consist of little chores or habits to get you through your daily routine.


Affirmations: this is my inspiration page, where I keep hold of the things that make me feel good about myself and my work.

Chore chart

Quotes and verses


Movies watched: this is always a fun page to look back on periodically, remember which movies you liked and didn't.

Books read: set a goal for yourself and track it with this page.


Contacts and numbers


Bucket list

Dream journal: it’s important (and often the best writing material) to remember what your subconscious is trying to tell you from your dreams.


Wishlist: even if it's expensive or unlike you to want a certain item, write it down anyways to look back on what you were wishing for.



Meal prep: this page can help with weight control and diet plans.


Grocery list

Budget: one of my least favorite things (but most important) to keep tally on is where my money is coming from and going.


Class notes


Travel bucket list

Song of the day: whenever you hear a song on the radio or Pandora, write it down and make an ultimate playlist at the end of the year!


Advice received: even if it wasn't asked for, sometimes the advice we get is important enough to write down.


Class schedule

Daily gratitude: this page can help lift moods on rainy days, and remember the reasons life is good.


Things to do when bored


Doodles: and when all else fails, let your inner creative artist have free reign of the page!