27 Signs You're a Poor College Student

1. Your main food groups consist of pizza, granola bars and ramen noodles.

2. When your fridge has nothing in it but crappy beer and last week's left overs. 

3. You often have to make a choice between paying your rent and having a place to live, or going to the bar with your friends.

4. Instead of buying you birthday presents, your parents take you grocery shopping.

5. You get excited over tax returns.

6. You pay for Sonic drinks in change... during happy hour.

7. Starbucks is a delicacy.

8. Dollar night sounds expensive to you.

9. A Red Box movie sounds expensive to you.

10. Breathing sounds expensive to you..

11. You've donated plasma to pay the electric bill.

12. You pay your student loans back.. with your student loans.

13. You try to major in something that will make you a lot of money...but it costs you A LOT OF MONEY.

14. When you can actually afford to make Hamburger Helper WITH hamburger, it's a special occasion.

15. "Required Text Books" ....LOL

16. You instantly perk up when you hear the word "free" in a crowd.

17. You go on a Tinder date just for the free food.

18. When you walk into a store, the first place you go is the clearance rack.

19. You acquire a taste for boxed wine and don't feel ashamed of it...

Okay, maybe a little ashamed.

20. You've perfected the art of re-wearing clothes to avoid paying for the laundromat.

21. You consider people who shop at Target "classy."

22. You've stolen toilet paper from communal bathrooms.

23. The Dollar Tree is your sanctuary.

24. When you do go to Starbucks, it's for the free Wi-Ffi... not the drinks.

25. Spring Break just means an extra week of working rather than a trip to the beach.

26. You steal plastic silverware from fast food places.

27. You resort to using taking the bus to class because you can't afford to put gas in your car.