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24 Years of Love Garden

We all know that Love Garden is one of the best places in Lawrence to buy music, whether it’s an old favorite or you’re looking for a new vibe. To call it “Lawrence’s music center” is an understatement.

Love Garden celebrated its 24th birthday on Sunday, April 4 by hosting a concert at the Granada down the street, asking around 10-12 local bands to play. The first of these bands was Oils who kicked off the music marathon at 5 p.m.

According to Ross Williams, Oils bass player and newest member, there wasn’t really a pattern to the show.

“They really ran the whole gambit, all the way from quiet to loud,” Williams said.

After their six-person performance, Oils was followed by CS Luxem, a single musician with his guitar. It was definite switch up from the energy that, Williams said, was present during their set.

The event as a whole was very popular among the downtown atmosphere, with Williams estimating around 75 people who attended their set. What made the marathon easier was the use of two stages, so one band could set up while the other was playing, helping to keep the energy of the crowd flowing.

Love Garden booked Woods, the show’s headliner, back in February, and the concert was promoted heavily by The Love Garden as well as The Granada. Williams said that their band Oils was also asked to play by The Love Garden for their celebration, as were the rest of the bands who played.

“A personal milestone is playing at The Granada,” Williams said. “I’m proud to be associated with The Love Garden.”

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