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10 Ways to Unwind During Finals Week

1. Brew and sip a cup of green tea. It’s one of the healthiest drinks out there and the process of brewing and taking time to sip the tea is super relaxing.

2. Yoga breathing. Taking a minute to focus on your breathing relaxes your muscles and can help you regroup when on edge.

3. Get enough sleep. All-nighters are a part of college and can seem like a great way to cram, but your body needs sleep and your brain will function better with a good night’s rest.

4. Exercise. A good workout gets the blood flowing and releases endorphins. Did we learn nothing from Elle Woods?

5. Schedule your time. Making a spreadsheet and writing down all your obligations can seem tedious but will help you stay on track with studying and may help you find free time you didn’t even know existed!

6. Treat yourself. Studying for finals is brutal, let’s not pretend it isn’t. Treat yourself to your favorite takeout or a manicure as a reward for all your hard work.

7. Build a study group. Study groups can be very effective and the company is nice when it feels like you are in an isolation cell studying all day.

8. Take a break. If you are stressed out and tired, you won’t retain any of the information you are studying. Don’t forget to take little breaks to get up, walk around and give your eyes a break from endless pages of tiny text.

9. Focus on your goals. It can feel like you are treading water, but every final gets you closer to the end goal of graduation.  Just keep swimming.

10. Keep things in perspective. This will not make or break your life; it’s just one week of tests. Stay calm, prepare and do your best, then let it go.

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