10 ways to decorate your Easter Eggs

It’s Easter this Sunday. I am sure you all remember when you were a kid, you would go on an Easter egg hunt with your friends and try to get most chocolates and candies out of all your friends. I never actually got to do that when I was a kid but I always loved decorating eggs. For me, it was the one and only day where my mom wouldn’t say anything to me when I was playing with food. I love making crafts and playing with construction paper, crayons, and paints, so I thought instead of using plastic eggs filled with candy, why not decorate your own Easter egg in a classic way? It's always fun to make something on your own, right?

Here are some ways you can be crafty this Easter to decorate some Easter eggs in easy and fun ways. Add more colors and textures with these DIY projects and have a fun Easter weekend! You can click on the images to get more information about how to actually decorate your own Easter egg.

1. Crayon Shaving

Shave a bunch of crayons on a paper plate and roll around your egg onto the plate while the egg is still hot! The heat will melt the crayons and create a fun and colorful design on your egg. This is really special because depending on what color crayon you use, you can either make it multi-color, like the one in the picture, or you can make your own color scheme to match colors with other eggs! 

2. Sharpie Doodle

Everyone has a sharpie in their office, and today is the day to use it in a creative way! This involves a lot of creativity and imagination! All you need to do is grab a Sharpie and draw pretty patterns onto the eggs! This one really is the easiest yet can look the coolest. You can even get color sharpies to fill in some spaces and make it more colorful.

3. Pantone Paint

If you are studying graphic design, this one might be your favorite! Put eggs in small cups of dye and write the labels on the egg so it looks like paint chips! I think this would be great for decorations becuase those eggs do not look like eggs. I would just start making bunch of those just so I could put them in color order in my room. 

4. Ombre Colored

It seems like ombre is not going anywhere this year. Using different spray paints, you can make your own ombre patterns with your favorite colors! See how pastel purple and yellow make a gradient? I think this is so creative and trendy at the same time.

5. Lace Wrap

Grab some lace ribbons from you local art supply store and wrap them around the eggs! It’s quick and easy, yet girly and romantic. This would be great for laides who love simple, classic decorations. 

6. Polka Dots

Making polka dot patterns out of dye and stickers is an easy way to decorate lots of eggs at once, but still make them look cute. This is easier to do than you think: just put small circle stickers around the egg to make a polkadot pattern and stick the egg into dye water. Then you just have to take off the stickers carefully. Easy, right?

7. Chalkboard Paint

Just get chalkboard paint and dip the eggs into the paint! You can write messages onto the eggs. This is definitely not traditional but it’s definitely creative, and both kids and adults will love it. I mean, everyone knows that chalkboard paint is awesome. I have seen people paint them on the walls but I have not even thought about painting eggs. How creative!

8. Thread Wrap

This is one of the hardest ones to try out of all the ways listed. You need to glue the threads around the egg carefully. It takes time, but since you are adding texture using colorful threads, it definitely is a great way to use as decorations for your room celebrating Easter and spring.

9. Neon Dip-dye

By adding a pop of color to plain white egg, you can create gradient or repetitive patterns. I recommend using bright neon colors to add some color for spring. This one looks really artsy and I think it is better to use primary colors like red, yellow, and blue so those will make new colors like green and orange.

10. Pinatas

This DIY project could work for your room decor. Cut the edges of long strip of color paper and glue them around the egg in layers. This would be a great decoration for your room if you added a string and hang them across the wall. Don't forget to empty out your egg for this one!

Did these ideas inspire you to create your own eggs for this easter weekend? Try some of these ways and comment below or send pictures to our Instagram Do you know other creative ways to decorate Easter eggs? Let me know in a comment below!