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YOU’RE INVITED: To a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olympics Drinking Game

Getting There? Getting Where? You’re getting NOWHERE, because tonight you are going to supplement your Olympics-watching plans with a fabulous film about life, love, the olympics and denim skirts. What is it, you might ask? Getting There, of course, the Mary Kate and Ashley movie about going to the Olympics!

If there’s anything that can make this movie better, it’s playing a game while you watch. If it’s up to me, you’ll RSVP!!! (With a bottle of wine)

Here are the rules: 

1. Drink during either twin’s voice over narration.

2. Every time the twins say something entitled.

3. Every time Sam gets shot down by Kylie.

4. Every time Toast mentions food or is seen eating it.

5. Every time their plan falls through.

6. Drink for any musical montage (but take it easy…there are two within the first six minutes alone).

7. Every time Danny makes fun of Toast.

8. Waterfall during the “hot sauce” or “HS” chant.

9. Finish your drink when you find out Kylie has been skiing with Alexander the olympian.

10. Any time you recognize a song from the soundtrack.

11. Any time you feel palpable sexual tension between any of the teenz.

12. Waterfall during all kisses.

13. Any time you see a piece of clothing on either Mary-Kate or Ashley that you owned as a child or tween. Drink twice if you continue to wear it (be honest, please– this is a judgment free zone).

14. Finish your drink during the bloopers if somehow you’ve managed to retain it.

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