Willow Hofferberth and Boo Getzler: Best Friends and Also Dogs

Year: Let’s just say they know their way around the Science Quad

Campus Activities: Napping in the sun, hanging out with students, roaming around third floor Tomsich

Hey, guys! I see you around all the time, and I’m really glad I get to hang out with you this afternoon!

*Willow proceeds to climb into my lap, while Boo stares helplessly.*


Great! So what’s your favorite thing to do at Kenyon?

Boo: I love playing with Willow. Well, actually, I just like napping with Willow.

Willow: Ditto on that one. I love office hours too because I’ve heard that organic chemistry can be kind of hard, so it makes students even more excited to see me when they come in.


Do you ever go on walks around campus?

Willow: Yeah! Even more people!

Boo: Every day either Professor Hofferberth or Professor Getzler will walk both of us, and we get to check out Middle Path and meet all of the students who aren’t science majors.

So, it seems like you two have been friends for a while. How do you keep the bond strong?

Boo: I’m basically the older sister in this friendship. Willow would be a maniac without me, but I totally mellow her out. I protect her, and I keep things rational, but we balance each other out really well.

Willow: Yeah! I love having fun and meeting new people, and I try my best to get Boo out of her comfort shell zone when I can! We play games, go on walks, and take naps together. It’s a good life.


Awesome! So, since Halloween is coming up, I was wondering if you could tell our readers what your biggest fear is?

Willow: I’m really not afraid of much. I’m pretty outgoing, and I love trying new things.

Boo: Oh boy! Where do I start? I don’t like slippery floors. Stairs aren’t great. Some of the student’s in Hoff’s lab are pretty scary too. Just today one of them walked into the office, and I howled at her for ten minutes.

Willow: Yeah, now that I think about it, that was kind of scary!


Thanks so much for making time for me, guys! I know that you have a crazy schedule. Any last things that you want to mention?

*Dogs proceed to climb all over me*

Image Credit: Jenna Bouquot