Welcome Back from Abroad!

Welcome back to our two writers, Emily and Jenna, from abroad! We missed you guys.

Both writers studied abroad in Rome, though they participated in different programs. Jenna (on the left) is an Art History major, while Emily (right) went for her Classics major.

When asked about how she felt about returning to Her Campus Kenyon after being absent for a semester, Jenna replied: "To be honest, I was really nervous walking into the first meeting. There were so many new faces that I had never seen before, and I was really afraid that I have forgotten how to be a part of Her Campus and how to write while I was gone. Everyone was so nice and funny and welcoming! I am excited to try and get to know everyone!"

Emily was asked the same question and responded: "Returning to HCK this week has been so refreshing because it feels familiar and new all at once. I think HCK has been growing stronger with every semester, so I'm excited to jump back in and be a part of it."


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Image Credit: Hannah Hippen