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I just fell down a rabbit hole of TikTok drama, and I felt inclined to share. For those of you who do not indulge in the addicting world of TikTok, it is an app that allows people to post short videos, which cover many interests and genres. I want to focus on one specific side of TikTok: DramaTok!

Faking Scars?

One particular situation that had me watching DramaTok dates back to 2021. It was about a female TikToker who was suspected of faking a large scar on her face. Due to the scar changing shape and color from one video to the next, spectators began raising questions about whether or not the TikToker’s scar was real. In response to the interrogative and sometimes hateful comments, the TikToker posted videos of herself attempting to remove the scar with makeup remover to prove that her scar was indeed real. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm if the scar is real or fake because, one, the girl claims it to be real, and two, media can easily be doctored with the right apps.

Taylor Swift and Her Lovers

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift is infamous for her love affairs and the breakups that follow. Many of her songs drop hints about past relationships, and it is often unclear as to who Taylor is talking about. However, many TikTok videos of Taylor attending football games have surfaced recently. You are probably wondering why this matters. Well, why else would a multi-Grammy winner spend her valuable time watching men run around on a field? You guessed it. People believe Taylor is dating the Chief’s tight end, Travis Kelce. More recently, a TikToker posted a video at Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour, which caught a moment where Taylor changed the lyrics of her hit song, Karma to talk about her new fling. Taylor edited the lyrics to say, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs” and this of course meant DramaTok discourse. Taylor and her love life will forever keep DramaTok busy.

Mysterious Man in the Back of the Plane

I was scrolling on TikTok, per usual, when I stumbled across a video of a distraught woman screaming about something that happened on her flight. The woman stormed to the front of the plane, while other passengers witnessed her yelling about a person who was “not real.” Several explanation videos were posted explaining that the woman believed the passenger she had sat next to was a shape-shifter. Witnesses of the incident claimed they saw a man, who was wearing a black hoodie, blink horizontally. Other witnesses believed the woman was inebriated and what she claimed to see was an effect of the alcohol she had supposedly consumed. It is still unclear as to what happened to the woman and whether or not there was any truth to her claims, but all the speculation on DramaTok is definitely interesting to watch.

This drama only scratches the surface of DramaTok, but I hope you enjoyed my debrief. I love DramaTok because it is so unserious, yet it is so interesting. While it is fun to take a break from current events and pressing political issues, it is super important that we all stay informed about events, like what is happening in Gaza. It is crucial that we acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinian people and research the ways we can help.

Karina is a senior English major at Kenyon College. She enjoys reading, weight-lifting, and singing.