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Top 5 Best Air-Conditioned Buildings at Kenyon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.
If you’re anything like me, you are dreading this lingering summer heat that has plagued us all in Gambier.  You find any sort of heat uncomfortable, and you spend much of your time seeking out the best air conditioning, waiting for the first frost of the year.   Well, you’re in luck.  After my two full years of Kenyon, I have staked out the buildings on campus with the absolute best air conditioning. Here are my top five!

5. Cheever Room, Finn House

Cheever’s air conditioning is splendid, when it works at least.  The reason why this chilly room isn’t higher up on the list is because the system tends to break down.  A moderate 75 degrees can quickly turn into 82.  And sometimes Cheever can get too cold.  Though too much air conditioning is much more desirable than complete lack of it, it does dock a few points from Cheever nevertheless.

4. Sam Mather Hall

All of the buildings on the science quad are excellently air-conditioned (except for Tomsich Hall, which is a bit strange to me).  But Smather just seems a little bit cooler.  Maybe it’s because the cool air is necessary for all of the psychology experiments they do there, but I don’t really know.  I just know that my 2:40 pm Psych class is all the more enjoyable.

3.  Olin Library (Especifically the first floor)

Everybody who’s taken a middle school science class knows that heat rises.  That’s why I like to think that Olin’s first floor is so much more comfortable than its second and third floors (plus the added exertion of walking up those stairs can raise anybody’s body temperature).  I will also give bonus points to Greenslade Special Collections and Archives, located on the first floor (where this writer conveniently works!).  It temperature must be controlled to protect the many rare books, and also to protect the employees that work there.

2.  Gund Gallery

The Gund Gallery has some top-notch air conditioning, and its contemporary décor only adds to the chilly experience.  While its temperature control is beautiful, it will never measure up to the number one on this list.

1.  The Bookstore

The sweet bookstore, Kenyon’s own oasis in the center of Gambier, with air conditioning that cannot be paralleled.  Walking into the bookstore is like walking into heaven.  You can even hear the air conditioner buzzing.  Though the back of the bookstore is slightly less chilled than the front is, it is still an amazing place to be regardless.
Hopefully, the weather will break in the next few days and give us some cooler weather.  I leave you all with this knowledge to help you survive the last few weeks of summer!
Images: thekenyonthrill.com