A Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors

As a member of the Gold Level Chapter of Her Campus, HCK has had the opportunity to recieve some lovely gifts from some of Her Campus national's partners (remember the free Teen Vogue-sponsored trunk show a few weeks back?)

This time, our chapter has received another gracious gift: a Back to School Survival Kit with amazing giveaways from sponsors such as:

  • Neuro ("mental performance-enhancing" energy drinks)
  • LUNA (mini snack bars)
  • Poppin (awesome gel pens for getting down to business in the library)
  • Chipotle (catering cards)
  • SK Energy (a natural version of 5 hour energy shots)

We'd like to thank our generous sponsors for our gift box! If anyone is interested in learning more about any of the above companies or brands, don't hestitate to contact the HCK editors--Ally Bruschi and Emma Miller.