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This week, the tables are turned as we interview our very own Cutie Correspondent...

Name: Susannah

Hometown: Brunswick, Maine

Year: 2012

Major: Sociology

On-Campus Activities: Beer and Sex, Archons (shh!), WKCO, Other Side of Silence, Transition Mission, Study Tables (sometimes)

In high school, were you a freak or a geek?
I was a geek who wanted to be a freak. I bought a jacket to look like Kim Kelly.

What are your vices?
Being too pretty. And too funny. Having perfect bone structure.

Peirce PDA: a do or a don't?
Don't! Don't make me choke on my quinoa. (I don't actually eat quinoa.)

What do you think about the music at the Deli?
Well, this song sounds like a music video during a Disney Channel commercial. Generally, the music sounds like stuff I listened to at the beginning of high school.

Speaking of Disney Channel, which character would you be on Lizzie McGuire?
Animated Lizzie. She had the most morals...she's a good conscience.

MFK: Bourdieu, Foucault, Marx. 
Kill Foucault; his Panopticon concept makes me think he's into weird sh**t. Marry Bourdieu because I'm sure his cultural capital is through the roof. I'd get with Marx because he wouldn't be into a long-term relationship—too much alienation.

Do you have a tattoo?
I don't ink and tell. (That's what all octopi say.)

What's the most romantic spot on campus?
My dual Tempur-Pedic. Or porches—any of them.

If you were a Vitamin Water, which flavor would you—
Oh, pink. Duh.

Who's the most dateable Young Money artist?
Drake has got some things going, but that monotone is a bit grating. So I'd say Lil Wayne for his entrepreneurial skills. 

Sexiest statue on campus?
The Native American and the deer look DTR (down to romp).

You're from Maine, so you must love L.L. Bean. What would your dream guy wear?
My dream man only shops at L.L. Bean Signature, for starters. He wears a jacket, as long as there's Gore-Tex.
(For reference: http://www.llbean.com/llbeansignature/llb/shop/8?subrnd=1)

Caroline Black is a senior Drama major at Kenyon College. In addition to co-founding and writing for her school's HC branch, Caroline is co-president of Beer and Sex, Kenyon's student-run freshman orientation program (and she enjoys making jokes about that title as much as you do). When she's not doing hippy-dippy acting warm-ups or volunteering with her service organization, The Archon Society, Caroline enjoys watching "Parks and Recreation" and dismaying her friends with terrible puns.
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