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Pros of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

We all know that being in a long distance relationship can suck. You often find yourselves missing each other daily, seeing couples together all the time, hearing adventurous stories about hookup culture, having to constantly be the third/fifth wheel…the list goes on. But, long-distance has its perks, too, which often go overlooked, so I decided to compile a list of why being in a LDR has worked for me.

1. Me time

Learning to rely on myself and doing what makes me happy has been beneficial for my health and well-being. As much as I love time together, I also appreciate my space to focus on school, hobbies, and relaxing time to myself. It’s comforting to know I can feel complete on my own. After all, I am all for independent women.

2. Friend time

During the past year and a half or so of my LDR, I have realized the importance of time spent with friends. Having low-key hangouts or a girl’s night out, you never have to miss all things friend related while also maintaining a relationship. For someone who stresses over finding a balance between the two and making sure everyone is happy, this has been so necessary.

3. Traveling

One of the most obvious benefits to LDRs is the opportunity to travel. Although not entirely economical, having a constant excuse to visit your partner means a fun week or weekend of exploration. And, if you are able, it might even be possible to meet in the middle and discover a whole new place together every time you meet.

4. Avoiding the Pressure of Hookup Culture

This one may just be a personal thing, but I have found that I love going out with a group of people and not worrying about going home with anyone. This may be because nothing makes me more uncomfortable than awkward social interactions, but I also enjoy merely dancing with friends (or alone), avoiding getting hit on, and then leaving at a reasonable hour for a bed to myself (and probably Netflix).

5. Having Someone to Constantly Talk To

As much as I love actual dates, I am also a fan of not wearing pants and staying in bed, so this is where phone calls, texting, and FaceTime come in clutch. Skype dates can be fun too!


6. Always Appreciating Time Together

Probably the most significant reason, time together is never taken for granted.

Although LDRs may not work for everyone, and I’m not entirely sure that “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” I do believe there are pros to having a long distance relationship.  

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