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Morning Tips for Kenyon’s Sleeping Beauties

We all know that gut-wrenching feeling when the alarm clock chirps Monday morning (or any other day of the week for that matter). It’s an hour before your 9:40 English class–enough time to shower, fashion an acceptable weekday look, and grab a bagel from Peirce before trekking to Lentz. But when the subtle beeps from your iPhone beckon you to begin the day, all you can do is blindly jab at your phone to silence it and burrow deeper into those fifteen-dollar Target sheets. Who cares what you look like in class? Does it really matter?

Fast-forward an hour when you’re sitting next to that girl who’s wearing a high-waisted skirt, retro-chic jacket and red lipstick or that guy who made the Campus Cuties column last month. Weighing sleep and looking like an actual human being can be an unavoidable struggle for collegiettes, and in my third semester at Kenyon College, I can say with confidence that sleep usually wins. It takes some serious determination to drag myself out of the comfort of my warm bed while my roommate snoozes on, oblivious to my inner-turmoil.

However, even us late-risers want to look good. So for those days when sleep is the victor, use these tips to look just as cute in ten minutes as in forty.

It doesn’t need to take hours to look not only awake and alive–looking like a cute collegiette can be completed in ten tiny minutes. Make it five if you’re conveniently located to the bathroom.

First of all, don’t mess with any product that claims simplicity in three-steps. That “swirl-tap-buff” routine takes ten minutes alone and can be reserved for days when your first class is at 12:10. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer like Aveeno Positively Radiant to give your face a bit of a glow and even out any redness. Step two is mascara. Swipe some Covergirl Lashblast on those eyelashes and your eyes will look a hundred times more defined and awake. If you’re really feeling ambitious and can spare that extra minute, use an eyelash curler to really open your eyes and give them that extra pop.


Hair can present another challenge. Up or down? Ponytail or fishtail braid? Even worse, to wash or not? The thing is, if you do anything slightly creative with your hair, people will be impressed. Whether it’s depressingly flat, a frizzy bed-head mess, or day-two hair, a top knot will solve it. Both the sock bun and chignon are Pinned and blogged all over the place and are surprisingly easy. After a few trial-runs, these (among other) top knots will take you three minutes and will evoke admiration and hair-envy from even the girls who use their Chi flat iron every day.

And then come the clothes, throw on a cute dress and it’ll fool people into thinking you gave your look a ton of thought. It’s quicker than piecing together that elusive skinnies-sweater-scarf-boots combo and will surely score compliments. Whether it’s a sundress or fall frock, it will pair perfectly with your up-do of choice and simple make-up. Add some pull-on high boots, or feminine flats–or even easy slip-ons like TOMS and skip out the door. These easy steps will automatically spark some confidence in you to start your day off on top.  

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