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Mike Spencer ’13

Name: Mike Spencer

Hometown: Washington, D.C
Age: 22
Year: 2013
Major: A Synoptic, combining Social Systems, Industry & the Environment
Single/Taken: Single

What’s the number one thing on your Kenyon bucket list?
I would like to play Beer pong with The Nuge, especially during her last senior week.

What’s a topic you’re sick of talking about?
The end of college, definitely.

Are you excited or sad about graduation?
I don’t know yet!

What is your dream job?
Penguin wrangler. I just learned how to hold a penguin! [Upon seeing the author’s roommate’s sister’s blog from her trip to Antarctica about proper penguin grips]
In your opinion, where are the best bathrooms on campus?
The new art building [Horvitz Hall], because they’re so rarely used.

Describe your family in 3 words. (Mike is the youngest of two ginger sisters)
Rowdy, village-like, and all-seeing.

Favorite Beyonce song?
Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious.”

Who would you want to want to dog-sit for the most: Adam Sandler, Dennis Quaid or President Obama?
Well, I’m a big dog person, so this is perfect. Definitely Bo Obama, though. Have you seen this year’s White House Christmas card? It’s got him playing in the snow, it’s great.

Spy Kids or Agent Cody Banks?
I’d say Spy Kids. The actual movies were creepy, terrible and strange, but have you seen the girl from Spy Kids [Alexa Vega] recently? It will blow your mind! She’s super attractive now.

Deli or VI?
Probably the Deli because the VI takes forever. Unless it’s Monday night-my housemates and I go there every Monday. Milk 10 Drinking night!

Would you rather be adopted by Chavril or Honey Boo Boo’s mom?
Just no. Wait, I didn’t know they were married! I didn’t know Chad Kroeger was his name, either but it sounds like someone who would have greasy hair. Can I pick a different TV family to be adopted into? I think I’d want to live with the Sister Wives family, for comic relief reasons.

Who is your cartoon character crush?

Sandy Cheeks, the Squirrel from Spongebob.

Where do you see yourself next year?

Hopefully in DC or wrangling penguins. Or both?

What are your hobbies?
Taking photos of Kenyon and driving & restoring cars. I would love a motorcycle!

Describe your ideal girl.
She would have to be independent, cute, funny, and intelligent, definitely.

If your life was made into a movie, who would be the lead actor. Why?

A mix of John Cusack & Matthew Broderick, because that just feels right.

What is your favorite Peirce food?
The wraps I personally make.

What makes the best wrap?
It depends on ingredients, you know, what potential you’ve got. I usually go for whatever meat item they have, and then add as colorful a salad as I can make.

Do you Panini your wraps?

Oh, I Panini that. With cheese.

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