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Interlude: Some Musings and a Love List

I’ve accidentally turned in my past month’s worth of articles either unfinished or a few days late. I never mean to, and it’s not that I’m not working on them; I have just always been notoriously bad at conclusions. I never know how to wrap up, and it seems like possibly the most important part of an article. So, naturally, it’s always stressed me out the most.

I feel like I’ve talked myself into some kind of a trap. Every week I find myself totally caught up and over-focused on making my article ~deep~ or *insightful* or *~super brave~*. I feel like if I’m not writing something incredible or powerful or moving, maybe it isn’t worth writing about at all.

I totally miss the point feeling like this. It completely clouds over why I joined Her Campus in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful when I have something genuine to say that feels powerful, but that’s not always why I write. I write to share with people what I love, not to impress them with how profound I can be. I think that pretty often when it comes to my writing, the standards I hold myself to are too high. Then they psych me out and I avoid trying at all, so that at least I can’t disappoint myself or anyone else.

I’m trying to remember to be a little bit lighter. I’m working on not taking my writing so seriously all the time. This week I worked on doing just that by starting a list of things I liked and adding to it whenever I thought of something good. So here that is, in no particular order-


  • open mic nights

  • glass

  • fuzzy sweaters

  • silver jewelry

  • the way that ALL of Wiggin Street smells like the coffee shop on the corner some days

  • people with cool tattoos

  • colorful umbrellas

  • lemonade

  • farmers’ markets

  • crystal chandeliers

  • hearing songs you forgot you loved in unexpected places

  • christmas displays

  • lava lamps

  • the moon

  • greenhouses!! greenhouses are so cool they’re always warm and full of plants!!

  • really terrible puns

  • paint swatches

  • reese’s cups

  • train stations

  • streetlamps

  • shop windows where you can see through to inside and the reflection at the same time so they layer over each other

  • getting through airport security really fast and then having a chance to relax or maybe get some work done before boarding

  • cute mom instagram accounts

  • 24hours.kenyon.edu

  • when people make a new spotify playlist for every month of the year and it ends up being almost like a music diary

  • seeing other girls dressed really cute and being excited for them from a distance just cause they look great

  • experiencing some amazing kind of art for the first time, a song or a movie or a painting or a book, etc

  • experiencing art you already love for yet another time and noticing something new about it

  • accidentally running into people you like while you’re out

  • sales at lush

  • starting to develop a crush on someone

  • sharpened pencils

  • prickly pears (say it without smiling to yourself. you can’t.)

  • new pens

  • strings of lights

  • ocean sounds

  • pesto

  • the way your friends will surprise you sometimes just by being a little extra loving

  • hydrangeas

  • finishing an article

Image Credit: Annmarie Morrison

Annmarie's a sophomore art history major at Kenyon College, and she really really really loves ginger ale and collaborative Spotify playlists, and she's working on being a better listener. For Her Campus, she both writes and is the photographer for the Kenyon chapter, as well as running the Instagram account for the chapter.
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