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Her Campus Kenyon’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

There are still a few days before February 14, and our team complied a list of wonderful, random, thoughtful gifts – both for others and for yourself!

For others:

  • “It’s an adorable, delicate little necklace that can be worn for Valentine’s Day or throughout the year! The small heart is a great detail, and the necklace is only a dollar!”
  • “All my gift suggestions this year are coming from my favorite high-end boutique, SkyMall, because I want to single handedly rescue the business out of bankruptcy. My first recommendation is these Smitten monomittens for hand holders, sewn together to be the human centipede of fleece winter wear. No more awkward grasps with chilly thumbs!
  • Also, with your hand intertwined in your significant other’s, you may wonder how the hell you will be able to chug your Sam Adams, as is customary on a winter stroll. Wonder no more, HCK readers. I give you the beer pouch hoodie, perfect for anyone who wants to feel like a kangaroo incubating a bottle of Angry Orchard.”
  • “Red roses are the epitome of romance. If you and your Valentine are one of those cute, nerdy couples that everyone adores and envies, then this 8-bit rose is a perfect present! It is a great decoration for your SO’s desk. Plus, it’s only about $10, so it can be paired with some chocolate or another gift.”
  • “Nothing ruins a Valentine’s Day date quicker than a smelly significant other – or an ex. We can’t control when our past creeps back up, but we can make sure our boo smells nice. I suggest this awesome beard oil kit for those of us who like fuzzy faces. Fluffy and fragrant, perfect for a romantic date.”
  • “Valentine’s Day is the best holiday for suggestive gifts. These “Dirty Dishes” are the perfect mix of sweet and raunchy. Each mug or shot glass features a whimsical drawing of an animal, sea creature or dinosaur, paired with its own dirty word scrawled in cursive.”
  • “If you’re in a long-distance relationship: If you’re in a long distance relationship and short on cash, then you’re acutely aware of how much postage costs. Add in what you just spent on his/her Christmas gift (back when you were youthful and naive and hadn’t paid second semester tuition yet) and we’re looking at an eCard Valentine’s day. Why not opt for one (or all) of these traditional weird/exciting/romantic JibJab eCards? Additionally, try choosing a rom-com to watch at the same time, and keep Skype on. If you’ve got a bit more in the bank, buy tickets for the two of you to see a concert/game that he/she loves the next time you are together. This will serve as a small physical reminder in the mail (or by email) of the countdown until you will be together again, plus it’s something you can enjoy too! If all else fails, call your significant other’s local Domino’s and order a pizza for them, but in the special requests, ask them to put the pepperonis in a heart. Just make sure they’re home when Domino’s comes knocking. And that they like pizza. (But I guess if they don’t like pizza then dump them? Some common interests are nonnegotiable here.)”
  • “Nothing says “I love you” like a pair of super-swanky pink elephant bookends! What better way to share your love of reading and endangered African species?”
  • “If you’re on a budget, fill a jar with little notes for whomever in your life deserves it. Maybe it’s a memory or a joke to make them laugh, but make it personal and meaningful and unique to their personality. Show them how much you love them without showing them your empty wallet.”

What we want:

  • “I like to workout and look badass doing it, so this tank would be a great gift. Make me feel like the moon of your life, and I’ll treat you like my sun and stars (how’s that for romantic?).”
  • “I can appreciate Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate love, but when everyone’s sappy affections come bubbling out all at once, it can be a little tough to handle. This graffiti lovesick phone case is great gift for those of us who don’t want to take Valentines Day too seriously.”
  • “If you’re going through a break-up, Why We Broke Up By Daniel Handler. This book is so empowering to anyone who has ever been hurt by a relationship, because it reminds you that being with this person was not a mistake. You discovered something about yourself from your time with them and after them. It reminds us of not only the importance of love, but of the heartbreak after. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, and will bring you to tears, and make you want to throw it across the room. Perfect for spending a Valentine’s Day with yourself, loving yourself and your past.”
  • “Valentine’s Day can be a hard time if you’re not in a relationship.  These are great inspirational bracelets to remind you how strong, smart, and brave you are and how wonderful it is to just be you. This Valentine’s Day, show some appreciation and love for yourself.”
  • “These sweet and sassy sunnies will brighten up your Valentine’s whether or not you have a significant other. They’re quirky and not too serious. You might even catch the eye of a would-be sweetheart in these frames.”

We hope this list gave you some inspiration for the coming holiday or even a random mid-March surprise! Let’s be real, everyone will need a pick-me-up come mid-term season!


Her Campus Kenyon

Images: creatrish.blogspot.com, hercampus.com

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