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Hammered and Nailed: Why Everyone Needs a Toolbox

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.

For my high school graduation, the coolest aunt ever gifted me a toolbox—a simple gift many would not think to give. My joy was that of a child on Christmas morning…times ten. I love tools, and I knew it would prove useful in college. Although my friends teased me incessantly about my Rosie-the-Riveter-esque “strong woman with a toolbox” fantasies surrounding it, the contents of that pink 12 x 5 x 4 inch box (it’s actually a bag with a zipper, but I still call it my toolbox) have proved extremely useful in college.

Since arriving at Kenyon, I have…

            -used my screwdriver to remove the air conditioner grate in my room.

            -used my hammer to remove 3 nails from the wooden strip in my room.

            -used my hammer to bang the nail into the wall.

            -used my pliers to fix a ring and a necklace clasp.

            -used a level laser to check the straightness of a wall tapestry.

            -lent my toolbox to two friends who used it for similar purposes.

So, here’s a list of reasons for why you should get your own toolbox on campus! Trust me, it’s worth it!

1. It will save you time

If you don’t have a toolbox to fix the loose screw in your bookshelf, you have to take precious time out of your day to find someone with a toolbox or call maintenance so they can take time from their day to deal with your issues. Kenyon Students do not have the time in their day to go toolbox hunting and also do not like dealing with loose screws. The best course of action is to fix it immediately with the handy toolbox stored in your closet.

2. It will save you money

Think about everything you’ve ever had to replace because it was “broken.” A lamp you couldn’t turn on? Perhaps there’s just something that needs to be tightened around the socket. Your air-conditioning vent making funny noises? Something might’ve just fallen into the duct. By investing in a toolbox (and, possibly, a flashlight to examine exactly what’s “broken”), you are saving yourself money that you would’ve used to either 1) invest in new items, or 2) pay someone to come fix what’s broken.

3. You won’t have to bother your CA

CA’s are responsible. CA’s are prepared everything. CA’s are also people with priorities that do not involve your incompetence when it comes to making minor tweaks. Your CA will greatly appreciate if you raise your own bed a notch or examine why your closet is getting jammed on your own (hint: there’s probably too much in it. But if not…Screw driver! Wrench! Anything and everything!)

4. “Toolbox” is synonymous with “self-sufficiency”

Did your parents talk to you about “self-sufficiency” before you left in August? Mine did! You know, doing your own laundry, buying your own groceries, hanging your own pictures on the wall, etc. Your parents will be extremely proud (or, they will die from shock) when they find out that you’ve been using your toolbox to make adjustments and installations in your home.

5. Everyone loves a good ol’ toolbox

Okay, maybe not. Maybe everyone doesn’t love a good-looking tool (ha) as much as I do. However, toolboxes can be extremely handy when it comes to making friends. Everyone has their moment of need, and being “the girl with the fantastic, super helpful toolbox” isn’t such a bad thing. A great friendship might start with “Hey, may I borrow your hammer?” (This actually did happen to me it is definitely very possible.)


So, the next time your friend drops his iPhone into your air conditioning vent (there will not be a next time) or you step on a necklace laying on your otherwise spotless floor, be prepared—your toolbox can save you money and time, and maybe even help you make a new friend.

Image Credit: Movie Poster, Shane Maxwell Tumblr

Hannah Joan

Kenyon '18

Hannah is one of the Campus Coordinators for Her Campus Kenyon. She is a Buffalo native and plant enthusiast studying English and Women's and Gender Studies as a junior at Kenyon College.    
Class of 2017 at Kenyon College. English major, Music and Math double minor. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Accidentally singing in public, Eating avocados, Adventure, and Star Wars.