Functioning Into Fall

You know the type of weather: it's freezing in the morning while you’re walking to your first class, and then when you leave the building an hour or two later the month has seemed to have shifted back to July?  

This is where we are, the beginning of fall. A little too soon to break out the tights, but a little too late to keep wearing those cutoff jean shorts we love so much.

If you’re anything like me, fall is the time for pumpkin coffee and berry lipstick. But it’s a little too warm for me to feel oh-so cozy in the complete fall vibe. So how do we make this practical? How do we ease into the fall trends? How do we not drown ourselves in Pinterest boards?

1. Take those summer sundresses and put a light sweater over the top! You love those dresses, they’re loose, they’re well-loved, they’re a one-and-done kind of deal. Put them to the test and LAYER. Add the chunky knit for the morning and pull it off for the afternoon.

2. Find ways to incorporate the crew sock. Let them just poke out of your sneakers or ankle boots. Pair your cute dress with an equally adorable pair of socks. They make you feel just that little bit extra cozy.

3. Pull out those vintage, worn-in crewnecks and prepare for the comfort that comes with them. These are practical due to their varying range. Crewnecks can come in just about any color, thickness, and size. Try starting fall off with a lighter crew with slightly brighter colors that fade into the warm fall tones. Maybe a millennial pink?

4. Trade your light summer lip balm for one that adds just a hint of color. Find the middle mark leading to your full fall berry lip. You can even blot your berry lip to make more of a natural stain, thus leaning into the autumn vibe.

5. Wear your ripped jeans! In the summer, ripped jeans are too hot. In the late fall afternoons, they are too cold. This in-between craziness is ideal for the ripped jeans. Throw on your favorite crew neck and you are good to go.

Despite these ideas that I have come up with throughout my week, as the leaves have started to turn a slight yellow on the ends and the evenings have started to end in a chill, fall has a comfort to it that is unlike any other time in the year. Curling up to study with a hot coffee in the fall is remarkably different than sipping your iced coffee while reading in the blazing sun. Take advantage of the comfort that comes with the changing of this season, and look forward to the change to come. Invite the weather to bring some ease, and breathe into a time where schoolwork and life, in general, have begun to rush by in a blur. Find yourself functioning in the fall, as the weather brings about a shift into the cooler. Find yourself functioning as best as possible, by learning to coexist with the world surrounding and supporting you.


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