The Dream Team: Will Quam & Elliot Cromer!

This week, we at Her Campus Kenyon tracked down two of Kenyon’s most beloved comedians. Will Quam and Elliot Cromer are the duo you have seen taking Rosse Hall by storm as the openers for like a capella concerts and various other performances. We’re thinking we’ll call them Williot. Or Elliam? Regardless, we think this interview is one of the strangest (and greatest) we’ve ever conducted. It’s a long one, so commit yourself to a study break, kick up your feet, and enjoy!

Name: Will Quam
Age: 22
Year: Senior
Major: Drama with a Music minor
Hometown: St Paul, Minnesota
Campus Involvement: Chamber Singers, Peer Counselor, artistic director of the The Billy Shakes Project, stand-up through Two Drink Minimum, sound design, set design, and acting through KCDC. Sits on benches sometimes, enjoys Peirce, enjoys looking at things from afar. Sits in a chair in the library sometimes.

Name: Elliot Cromer
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Film
Hometown: Yellow Springs, Ohio
Campus Involvement: Beyond Therapy (sketch comedy), Two Drink Minimum Stand-Up Comedy, Head CA of Mather and McBride, theater. I was in some films that were student made. I love to fly kites. I haven’t flown one in over a year..I have a lot of kites at home. But I need to find the perfect stick to fix the one here.
Will: He’s just a boy in search of a twig.


Her Campus Kenyon:  The two of you have really broken onto the a capella-opener scene. Does your opener act have a name and will you take it on the road?
Elliot Cromer : Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Dum Suck Their Thumbs Thumbs. No, I like that, but Will wouldn’t. And I’ve never considered going on the road. If someone asked us, yes.
Will Quam: Maybe we could open for the swim team when they go to championships.

HCK: What’s on your Kenyon Bucket List?
WQ: Walk to the Stone Quarry Chapel; go to the roof of Caples; go in one of those assistant director of housing apartments in Norton or Lewis. Also I want to go to that big fancy house with the candles on Yauger when you drive in from Mt. Vernon!
EC: Do my French homework (sorry, Professor Gariou), have a naked KAC session with only male friends...
WQ: I’ll jump on that bandwagon.
EC: I also want to make my own a capella group called Elliot and His Cromers. Or Cromeo. Hosting another all-campus thing would be cool. Like, try and get as many people down at the Kokosing at one time as possible. A Kokosing party!

HCK: Elliot, describe Will in three words.
EC: Forward. Poignant. Tenacious. No, I retract tenacious. Gentle.

HCK: Will, describe Elliot in three words.
WQ: The most talented noodle I’ve ever met. Swift. Slippery. Sexy.
EC: I think that was more than three, Will...
WQ: You broke the three-word mold when you slipped and slid into this world.

HCK: What’s something the world should know about Will, Elliot?
EC: Well, what can I say, really? I’m just thinking of all these compliments. Will’s a quirk. A lot of people think Will is a really nice, lovey, like gentle soul. Just know that Will goes deeper than that. There are sides of Will you should really look more closely at. He’s a surprising man in the best way possible.

HCK: What’s something the world should know about Elliot, Will?
WQ: So I met Elliot his freshman year, my sophomore year when we were in a play together pretty early in the year, and Elliot was chewing gum. He took his gum out of his mouth, lifted up his shirt, and put the gum his belly button, just for a minute while he did a scene. After the scene was done, he came off stage, took the gum out of his belly button, and popped it back in his mouth.
EC: I knew Will was watching. I like to freak people out.