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Campus Celebrity: Ramelle Brown ’13

Ramelle Brown is that quirky, aggressive, pushy yet unbelievably warm and hilarious best friend in Romantic Comedies that you wish switched places with the whiny lead. Ramelle’s enthusiasm is contagious—from her amazing prowess flying over track hurdles to hunting down alumni and forcing them to empty their pockets, she is amazingly competent and we can’t wait for her to become famous and for everyone to want to name their daughter Ramelle.

Name: Ramelle Brown

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy and Music minor (Ramelle plays the French horn and sings)

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ



On-Campus activities: Head tour guide, senior interviewer (for prospective students), Kenyon Fund Phone-athon caller (in the Alumni office), Captain of the track team, and French horn in wind ensemble.


What’s on your Kenyon Bucket List?

I really want to be in the “Gambier Grillin” section of the Collegian! (Keep an eye out for next week’s Collegian, Ramelle’s dreams might have come true)


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?                  

Either in New York City or D.C, with a more solid idea of what I’m doing with my life…just chillin’.


Your name is awesome. Tell us about it.

Before I was born, my parents read Six of One by Rita Mae Brown, and the main character’s name is Ramelle, and they loved it. Also in the Jewish tradition, you are supposed to name your children after people who have died before, and my grandmother’s name was Rose, so it’s kind of like that too. I am nothing like the character in Six of One, though—she’s statuesque, beautiful, and motherly—I am none of those. I do end up with some pretty weird nicknames, though. I’ve been “Mel-Mel,” “Rams” or “Rammy” even “melon!” I once heard someone call my name in a grocery store, but it turned out to be a Latino man whose name was Rommel or something. I was super confused.  


What do you wish people knew about pole vaulting?

I wish people were more interested in Track & Field in general. I’ve always been an independent sport athlete (I did swimming and gymnastics in high school), so I understand that meets are really long, but I wish it was more appreciated.


What do you think while you’re in the air pole vaulting?


Before vaulting- I go through these aggressive affirmations that you would never say to anyone else-, like “clear that bar- there’s no way you’re going out like this!” If people knew what I was saying to myself it would be bad…


Track shorts with underwear built in- for or against?

I always wear Spandex, not shorts. I’m not a huge fan of wearing shorts when I pole vault because I can’t stand how the fabric gets all bunchy. Yeah, spandex is the way to go.


Best way to celebrate warm weather on campus?

Put items of [cold weather] clothes away and get excited to never wear them again.


Ikea Monkey/Grumpy Cat/Maru?

Ikea Monkey—I spent my semester abroad in Stockholm, so I have a soft spot for Ikea.


What’s the weirdest thing a parent has said on one of your tours?

I was explaining to the group how most people go to Peirce because it’s free, and one parent turned to the other and said, “Well you know this isn’t Cambridge.”


Do you have any summer/next year plans set out yet?

Looking for a job!


You do a lot here at Kenyon. Where is the best place for you to get stuff done?

I’m a big library person. My spot is on 3rd floor facing inside by the window.


Holiday in the Sun or Parent Trap?

I’m gonna go with Our Lips are Sealed– my sister and I used to pretend we were twins all the time (Ramelle’s Sister is 2½ years younger than her, and is a freshman at NYU).


What’s your theme song?

Definitely “Human” by the Killers. My biggest question in life is “are you human or are you dancer?”


What’s your sprit animal?

A mix between Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks.


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