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Campus Celebrity: Evie Kennedy ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.

Name: Evangeline Victoria Kennedy

Age: 20

Year: 2017

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Major: Psychology

Activities: Archons, Dance Team, The Company, leader for the Service Pre-O

Power animal: I’d be a skink lizard, which is one of those lizards whose tail falls off. I am not a fighter, I run away.


Hey Evie! You’re involved in a lot of activities on campus, but what you are most known for is probably your talent in Irish dance. What originally got you into it?  

             Well, I started when I was ten because my two best friends started and I was jealous they were having fun without me. I started going to this after-school program and ended up getting really into it and competitive. They both quit and I kept going! Also, my whole family is Irish so they were really pleased.



You’re originally from Tennessee. What do you miss the most about your home state? How does it compare to Gambier, Ohio?         

            I used to miss it more than I do now. Tennessee in general is very conservative and sometimes it’s hard going home because I feel like I don’t fit in there as much now that I’m more liberal and open-minded. I love all of the familiar things about Nashville as a city: my friends, family, my city. But it feels less like home. Gambier feels more like home now.


You had a talk with Ann Patchett last year. Did that ever follow through?

            Yes! I saw her when I went home for Spring break. I went to her Bookstore, but she wasn’t there. She came in five minutes later, though! It was so funny. People still come up to me and say “Oh, you’re the girl from the Ann Patchett talk!” But really, she’s great, and the same nun taught us how to read. We have that connection.


If you could choose any musical scene to perform with The Company. which would you choose and why?

            We did Annie my Freshman year and I was cast as Annie because – well, it’s obvious.  But I’ve always wanted to play Miss Hannigan and sing “Little Girls.” It’s a dream of mine. I identify more with her than I do with sweet, innocent Annie. But I think I’ll always be Annie.


If Jeni’s made an ice-cream just for you, what flavor would it be and why?

            When I was little, Maggie Moo’s made this ice-cream called Raspberry Rollercoaster. And it was raspberries, and brownie chunks, and utter-ly cream, and chocolate flakes. And it was so delicious, but they discontinued it. And I always go into Maggie Moo’s and ask if they remember the Raspberry Rollercoaster flavor and if they can make it for me, but they never can. So if Jeni’s made it for me, it would be amazing.  


Describe the perfect Kenyon day.

            My friends actually gave me the perfect Kenyon day on my last birthday. They took me to get a pedicure in Mount Vernon in the morning, which was both interesting and fun. And then we brought a picnic to the caves, and swam there. Then we got ice-cream at the Bookstore, and then we partied all night long. And that was my perfect Kenyon day.


Finally, what is one thing on your Kenyon bucket list?

            I have to think of one that’s appropriate! Um, I don’t want a cliché one. I know! I want to become really good friends with one of the AVI workers. I just want a relationship like that. I envy students who have an AVI bestie.